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Apple iPhone 5S photographed in black, gold and silver

It appears that the Apple iPhone 5S is going to be available in other precious metal colors besides gold. A published report on Thursday included photographs of the Apple iPhone 5S in the traditional black, gold and in silver. Whether the photo means that there will be no white version of the next full-priced iPhone won’t be known until Apple unveils the Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C  on September 10th.

While we’ve seen a number of candy colored shells for the budget priced Apple iPhone 5C, the Apple iPhone 5S has been seen in black and in a champagne tinged color that is being called gold. Thursday’s report, which comes from Japan, clearly shows a silver version of the phone which is a color that we had not seen on the Apple iPhone 5S, that is, until now.

Even if there is no white version of the iPhone 5S, it looks like there will be at least three color choices for buyers of the model to consider, up from the two choices that iPhone 5 purchasers have to choose from.

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