Microsoft Launched Windows 8.1 And Windows Phone 8.1

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Microsoft launches updates with new devices and this year also was nothing different. The Lumia 930 and Lumia 630 were revealed at the “Build 2014”. There was also the unveiling of the much anticipated Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 (Desktop and Mobile versions respectively). Windows Phone 8.1 will be arriving in new smartphones as early as late-April and early-May, and rolling out to compatible phones ‘in the coming months’. The Windows 8.1 Update will be available for free for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users on 8 April via Windows Update.

Windows Phone 8.1

Joe Belfiore VP Windows Phone program management started off and announced two new hardware partners for the Windows Phone platform – Micromax and Prestigio (Cyprus-based manufacturer) – whose handsets were briefly showcased.

Cortana- Microsoft’s Siri

Windows Phone 8.1 features had been discussed over the leaks and in the Keynote most of the features were seen. The long anticipated Action Center and the Siri killer- Cortana (virtual assistant ) were showcased along with other improvements. Microsoft’s personal digital assistant will be integrated with core OS applications, such as phone, messaging, calendar, email, alarms, etc. This means that not only will Cortana be aware of your contacts, appointments, messages and more, but it will also be able to do some useful work for you, such as initiating a call, setting up an appointment or alarm, or reading your latest email – you just need to ask us using natural language.

Microsoft Action Center

The so-called Action Center will work similarly to Android’s notification drop-down – Action Center will be expandable from WP’s notification bar, revealing a various types of information and options for you. This will include things like toggles for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, and internet sharing, as well as actual notifications like Facebook updates, new calls, emails, and things like that. Obviously, Microsoft has followed Android closely here, which isn’t such a bad thing.

 Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 update was more of UI improvements while keeping in mind the keyboard and mouse users. The Windows 8 was launched for the touch enabled devices but Microsoft forgot the fact that the desktop users are also in a major chunk. So this update showed that Microsoft listens to its users. I personally use Window 8 and understand the importance of this update.

Internet Explorer 11 adapts your browsing experience by detecting your Windows device and input type – whether an 8-inch touch tablet in portrait mode or a 24-inch desktop with mouse and keyboard. The web is still front-and-center but new design enhancements make your browsing experience feel like it was made just for your device – like the number of tabs on-screen, the size of the fonts and menus. You can also now control when the browser remains on-screen or hides 
away for full-screen browsing. 

Tiles View

IE Compatibility with different Devices
The Windows 8.1 Update will be available from today for MSDN subscribers, and roll it out for free to Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 customers via Windows Update next Tuesday April 8th. For the majority of folks, they will receive the update automatically. If you are still on Windows 8, you can get the Windows 8.1 Update via the Windows Store on April 8th as well.

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