Solutions to Common Problems of Android

Now, when most of us have android phones we are happy with their performance. But what happens after some time of use. We face common problems like slowing down of our device.

Here we have discussed about these problems and given the solutions.

My device has slowed down 🙁


Free your RAM

All the apps running in your phone consume some amount of RAM. In most of the cases it is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (enables but not in use), NFC, Maps (GPS), screen brightness adjusted to max instead of auto and unnecessary widgets on screen. These unused apps can be closed either manually or an app cleaner like Clean Master can be used.


 Uninstall unused apps

There are apps which we rarely use. Few of them are installed by us and few come with android. These apps occupy unnecessary space. They consume resources by running in the background. Apps installed by us can be uninstalled but we can’t uninstall default apps (apps that came with Stock Android) but we can disable them from bothering us.

For disabling default apps
Go to System Setting > Apps, there you get the list of all apps installed in your phone. Click on the app you want to disable.

Enhance battery life

Battery is the main concern when it comes to listening to music for long hours, browsing internet continuously. It drains out quite fast. I suggest you to try the following and see the difference.

Go to Settings>Battery. When you find an app which you rarely use there, it is suggested to uninstall the app, not only it occupies storage space also eats up your battery.

Update your apps reglarly. Often apps get updated to reduce battery consumption. But still there are a few apps which won’t get updated even when the automatic update is on. You need to manually update them.

Turn of unnecessary communications like Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS, NFC etc. And yes live wallpapers too eat up a lot of battery, it is better to use static wallpapers.

Otherwise, Battery Doctor is a really good app to do all this.

Battery Charger

And the last resort and the best I would say, buy an extended battery which would always come in handy when you are traveling. May it be long distance travelling or your daily commute. You can get different Power Banks from Flipkart.

My screen looks boring

Well, in that case there are lots of launchers (Apex, Go launcher, Nova) available in play store. They make your phone more beautiful and highly customizable. Currently I am using Apex launcher with Cosido Icon pack and this is how it looks. For more beautiful icons you can check out GadgetMiner Designs

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