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Lollipop Explained

Lollipop Explained

It’s been long since the L Preview is out and many of the features have been explored. But this artile will focus on the new things that came along with some of the best features of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Priority Mode

It’s often a thing that we are in a state where we do not want any interventions, but then again some are not like us! So for those who sometimes want to have that “inner peace effect”, Lollipop brings you Priority Mode. Yes we know it’s not a new thing but this time it’s a bit smarter. You can easily choose between apps that won’t be affected by the Priority Mode and the ones that you want to keep silent. Even better, you can give them a specific time duration. In this way you don’t need to change back all the setting to normal. Lollipop will do it for you!

Tap N’ Go 

Well most of us have faced this situation. We buy a new phone get it filled with apps and other stuff, later we buy another new phone and do the same process of downloading each of our apps and games.It’s really annoying sometimes, and Google did realized it and came up with this solution. When you’re setting up your new Lollipop device for the first time, you’ll be presented with the option to “tap and go.” This NFC-and-Bluetooth-powered data transfer lets you move all of your Google Account details, configuration settings, data and apps over to a new device just by placing your old phone or tablet against it. 

Guest Mode

Now that you have Lollipop on your device, many will want to try it. Guest Mode is used to create a whole new workspace for such acquaint users. You can access Guest Mode by dragging down the notification drawer, tapping on your user account avatar, and then selecting Add guest from the menu (or just Guest if you’ve been through the process before).

Pin Apps

We all are a little hesitant when it comes to sharing our devices. Well if someone asks your phone just to make a call then you should help them. Just Pin the dialer app and nothing else would work. This cool feature is found under Settings->Security->Screen Pinning.

The Flappy Bird 


And the last feature is the addition of a FlappyBird like a game to the Easter Egg section. If you want to get frustrated and you have loads of time to kill then just try the Lollipop’s Easter Egg.

That’s it for this time keep logged in for the latest tech news and more!

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