Instagram Multi-Account Switching

Instagram has finally released it’s long awaited feature. Now you can use multiple accounts without having to log out or use other apps.

With this update Instagram has made it easier for community managers ans common users who use more than one Instagram account on daily basis to share content. If you’re at the latest version then with one click you can change account and share the content easily and this feature is available for both Android and iOS.

Let’s see how to use the multi-account feature of Instagram:

  1. To begin with, first of all ensure that you have the latest Instagram update. Go to Android Play Store or Apple Store on iOS and check if you have the latest version. Then open Instagram and press the option button and go to your account settings.
  2. Inside settings tab, go to the Information section and find the Add account option. Now you can add that account of your’s. If you don’t have the latest version or the update has not yet been released for your country, then you might not find that option. You will have to wait till Instagram updates that feature for your country.
  3. After you select ‘add account’ the app will take you to the log in screen, here’e where you should add the username and password of the second account you want to add. Just press Log in and your other account will be added to Instagram.
  4. Now you’ll notice some differences, the place in the bottom where you find your Instagram profile picture that will help you determine as to which account you’re currently logged in. Now to switch accounts you simply press on your profile image which takes you to your profile screen. On the top you’ll see a fold-up arrow click on that and you’ll be able to see all the accounts you’re currently logged in.

As of now, it is not confirmed as to how many accounts one can log in. That’s something I wish you would be able to let us know in the comments.

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