iPhone 5 SE: Everything you need to know

Apple and affordable are two words that never go hand in hand. But now, Apple wants to prove the world wrong by giving it’s first of it’s kind affordable iPhone(that even sounds strange), the iPhone 5 SE. Yeah, the name itself suggest more about it’s predecessor. Let’s take a deep look about what to expect.

Apple plans to introduce a 4-inch device at an event to be held on 21st of March,2016.  The rumours have been floating around since the launch of iPhone 6 that the company might bring it’s 4-inch device back to life. Now that the dates of launch event have been declared, it’s inevitable to say that the iPhone 5 SE might bring the change Apple wants.

iPhone 5 SE box

The iPhone 5 SE inherits the design queues from it’s grandfather the iPhone 5S. Or we can say that the new device will be the second generation upgrade for the iPhone 5S. Rumours claim that iPhone 5SE will have the dimensions exactly same as that of iPhone 5S, which is a good thing. I personally don’t like pohnes above 5-inch screen size. And the iPhone 5SE will hit the sweet spot, 4.7-inch is very well calculated screen size that fits well in the hands.

Internally, the iPhone 5SE is likely to get the new A9 processor that comes form iPhone 6S, but the RAM would only be 1GB and it may only come in 16GB variant. The rear shooter is rumoured to be the same 12MP camera that is present in iPhone 6S with improved auto-focusing,support for larger panoramas, and the ability to capture Live Photos. To all those who expect the 3D Touch feature, current rumours suggest that 3D Touch will not be present in iPhone 5SE as it’s been touted as a flagship feature for the iPhone 6S family. All the other basic features like NFC,Touch ID and Apple Pay will be present in the new device. There is a slight boost in the battery, the iPhone 5S had 1560 mAh and the iPhone 5SE will be having slightly larger 1624 mAh battery.

iPhone 5 SE colors

The iPhone 5SE will be available in all the usual colors being silver, gold, and space grey with a possible rose gold option. And now the cost, the entry level device would cost as low as $400 to $500.

iPhone 5 SE: Conclusion

Yes, the cost is still high compared to other Android affordable devices but still Apple is trying to decrease the gap and the fact that Apple initiated something as affordable is clearly a positive approach. I personally have been a fan of the quality and service of Apple products and the iPhone 5SE would bring more value to the company.

Are you excited about the iPhone 5SE? If yes, then comment on what you like about the new phone.


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