Four Gadgets Every Office Needs

There’s no such thing as having too many gadgets, especially at the office. In this article we are going to take a look at four really cool and useful gadgets that every office needs to have, including yours:

On the Go: Portable Power Pack


There is nothing worse than being late for a meeting with a client and realising your phone’s battery is dead and you have no other way of contacting them to let them know that you’re stuck in an elevator, for example. But with a range of portable charger packs that you can carry around with you wherever you go, including the likes ok Zolt Charger Plus and Long Life Milk Charger, there is no need to worry about flat batteries ever again. These nifty portable charger packs need to be charged beforehand, and can be used by simply inserting your USB charger cable to the charger pack in to one end of the power pack and inserting the other end of your charger to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Some of the best Power Banks Currently Available

Ambrane P-1111 10000 mAh

Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank (White)

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E4 High Capacity 13000mAh

For the Creatives: Smart Notebook

For creatives who are always looking for the next cool and easy-to-use gadget for their notes or sketches, look no further than a Smart Notebook. Gone are the days of using traditional pencil and paper to capture each and every detail, as Smart Notebooks are now paving a digital path for all creatives needing a digital outlet.  Easy to use, the Moleskin Smart Notebook, for example, allows users – through the use of Creative Cloud which is connected to the Moleskin app – to turn their hand drawn sketches into digital files that can then be worked on further using Adobe Illustrator CC or Abobe Photoshop CC.

For Group Meetings: A Quality Speaker

Microcone Allows You make High Quality Virtual Group Meetings While On The Go

If your company holds a lot of meetings with large groups of people over telephonic programs like Skype, it’s important for you to invest in a good quality portable speaker in order for everyone to hear who is talking. The Conference Mate is a good example of a good quality portable speaker that is compact and able to connect with smart phones (iPhone or Android), tablets, PC, Mac or other devices that include Bluetooth. It can also be connected to devices that do not have Bluetooth via an audio cable. Through the device you are able to speak and hear the other party on the other end of the phone easily, and the device includes simple, capacitive touch controls making it easy to use.

Some of the best Portable Speakers Available

JBL Go Wireless Portable Speaker (Black)

Philips BT50B Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Creative Sound Blaster FRee Splash Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Built-In MP3 Player with MicroSD (Black)

To Keep Track of Time: A Digital Clock

For those who get distracted by the time – like me – finding the right clock for your desk can be a nightmare. Investing in a Click Cube Clock, however, is the perfect solution. Not only is this little clock stylish and good-looking, but also it only shows you the time when you want it to. By gently tapping on your desk or clicking your fingers, the Click Cube Clock will illuminate, showing you the ambient temperature, time and the date, only lingering for a short period of time before switching off. What’s more, the Click Cube Clock is battery powered, meaning there is no need to plug it into the wall.

Some of the best Digital Clocks Available

Philips AJ3116M/37 Digital Tuning Clock Radio (Black)

7 Color LED Digital Alarm Clock with Calendar Temperature Display

Although not detrimental to functionality of your overall office and business if you do not have them, investing in a couple of the amazing gadgets mentioned in this article will add inspiration and comfort while increasing productivity in your office.

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