Kindle Oasis: The latest offering from Amazon

There was a buzz about a premium Kindle reader to be released from the shelves of Amazon. And here we are looking at the latest and greatest of all the Kindles, the Kindle OasisWe have seen a lot of Kindles and they all look the same, but not anymore. The Kindle Oasis has been redesigned from the scratch giving ergonomics and design a complete overhaul.

This is what the Amazon store listing page says:

Our thinnest and lightest Kindle ever – read even more comfortably for hours.

Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis has moved away from the boring rectangular shapes that every other Kindle has and is now much lighter and smaller and thinner from it’s predecessors. Showcased as a premium Kindle,it comes with a price tag of Rs. 23,999 including the charging cover. The Oasis weighs in at 121 grams and is just 3.4 mm at it’s thinnest point and goes up-to 8.5 mm at it’s thickest. The body is made up of polymer frame plated with metal and we all know how it feels to hold a metal device.Kindle Oasis

Now, if your’e a Kindle reader then you know how irritating it becomes when you have to flip the pages on and on. Well, this time it has been handled by introducing an accelerometer that lets you turn the page automatically by tilting the device. Though I’m not sure how it will affect for the readers who read their eBooks while travelling! The new Paperwhite display gives decent 300 ppi which is great for the 6 inch device.


Now it all drills down to personal preference. The new Kindle Oasis is indeed a great device and has been tagged as an Amazon Premium device. But the Premium bait is something that time will tell about how many users really end up buying it.


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