LG G5’s Metal Body Scratched To Reveal The Ugly Truth

LG had launched their flagship for the year 2016, the LG G5 at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. After weeks of it’s launch, the device has been made available in some countries. And a shocking news has been floating around the web in the past few days regarding the LG G5’s metal body.

LG G5 Metal Body


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The phone while at it’s launch was featured as a full metal alloy body and the same has been quoted in the company’s official website. But in the recent days, JerryRigEverything [Tech Youtuber]revealed the fake metal finish of the device.


LG G5 Fake Metal body


As you can see in the above images(taken from the actual video), the phone has been coated with some sort of plastic material. Which when scratched, revealed the actual aluminium body. The back panel is covered with a very thick layer of plastic.The fingerprint sensors and the volume rockers are also made out of plastic.



This is really a matter of concern, because as a consumer it is very important that you are giving correct and clear information about the product. And such a mistake coming from a company that has a great brand value is not acceptable.

What do you think of this LG G5’s metal body news?

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