Repurposing Old Tech – Giving Your Gadgets a New Life

Some believe that what being frugal means paying less for the things you buy. However, being frugal and being cheap are not the same thing. True frugality lies not in skimming when buying, but using every single dollar of your purchase. This is why a person who is considered frugal is not reluctant to buy an item, but to throw it away while it can still be used for something else. With this in mind, here are some ways in which pennywise people repurposed old tech instead of just throwing it away.

New Dessert Stand from Old Records

old tech


Somewhere out there, everyone has a vinyl collection. Now, while some people take great pride in them, there are those who thought about throwing them away on several occasions. If you fall amongst the latter category, restrain yourself from this move since these old records can serve you once more. With just a bit of will and at least three old records to serve as dessert platters, you can transform this relic of the 20th century into a vintage dessert stand for your household.

Record Bowls

By working a bit on an old record, you can transform it into a regular bowl. Shaping it can be quite simple if you know what to do. What you need is an already existent bowl that will serve as a mold and an oven to help it assume its final form.

USB Floppy

The era of Floppy discs is over. In fact, it would be safe to assume that all that is left of them is the save icon in various programs. However, there is no need to throw them away when you can appeal to the nostalgia once more. With just a bit of patience, you can easily turn your old floppy casing into a brand new and completely original USB case.

VHS Toaster

Some people took this idea of revamping old tech over the top and created a true masterpiece. One of such examples was replacing the inside of the old VHS recorder and turning it into a toaster. The bread, of course, goes in the same place where video cassette used to go.

VHS Pom-Pom

old tech

VHS recorder can be made into a toaster, but radio and VHS cassettes can be used to make all sorts of decoration. On their own, their cases can make fine wall ornaments, but their tape can be used to make quite interesting pom-poms.

Scanner Tabletop Saw

Those in desperate need of a tabletop saw won’t need to buy one when they can make it from an old, used up scanner. All they need to do is attach the saw to the moveable part of the scanner and let it do all the rest.

Monitor Cat-Bed

Once monitor stops working, you cannot use it anymore, right? Well, only partially. You cannot use it as a piece of tech any more, but with some careful decoration, parts removal and cushions installation, you can make it into a perfect cat-bed.

TV Picture Frame

old tech

If you have an old TV (preferably from few decades ago) you can transform it into a perfect picture frame. You will, however, have to disassemble it, install some backlight and insert the picture, but the result will be more than worth it.

Toner Case Art

The thing about printer cartridges is that they only last for so long. So, once your Ricoh toners expire, you can use their casing to make all sorts of accessories. For example, you could turn them into an interesting pen holder or even make them into a miniature lamp-light. All in all, your options are quite numerous.

Computer Fan to Desk Fan

old tech

Finally, once your computer breaks down, you can use its still working parts to make a desk fan. All you would have to do to make this possible is attach the fan to a 9V battery and there you have it. Now, as for the decoration of the fan, it is completely up to you.


Not only do these re-purposing endeavours save you money, but they also help develop and nourish your creative side. For most of the aforementioned ideas, you will already have all the material available, so all you will need to invest is some of your time and no small amount of effort.

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