The Advantages and Disadvantages of Turning Your House into A Smart House

The great inventors of yesteryear envisioned a future with everyone living in automated homes. They were in touch with the human need for convenience, with everything available at the touch of a button. That future has arrived, and many people have welcomed it with open arms.

Introducing Smart House technology, innovations which have made a difference to lives all over the world. With their help, people can heat up and cool down their houses even if they are far away from them. They can keep their homes secure, and put food on the table almost instantly.

If the idea of an automated home piques your interest, find out more about it. Discover its advantages and pitfalls. Find out what some of the best smart home products are.

What is a Smart House?

If you are new to the term „Smart House”, you will wonder what it is. Such a home promises energy efficiency, comfort, and security at a minimal cost. A Smart House brings convenience to its owner around the clock.

Automated appliances characterize a Smart House. Heating, air-conditioning and lighting run at the touch of a button. Security cameras, powered in an instant, operate according to the owner’s schedule. He controls everything remotely. He can issue a directive for the air-conditioning to come on, even if he is out of the house.

Most homes do not come with Smart Products installed, but there is a variety of them available on the market. An owner can automate anything from a security system to an egg tray. Smart devices can communicate with each other, depending on the protocols (means of communication) they use. They are also compatible with mobile phones and the internet. Applications to run them are downloadable. Manufacturers create these products with retrofitting in mind. Owners can install them without running wires.

Conservation characterizes a Smart House. Smart devices are energy efficient and protect the Earth’s resources. Integrated controllers allow you to operate a few devices at once, and save energy as well.


How a Smart House works

So, how does a Smart House work? You can grasp how they function by watching futuristic cartoons such as The Jetsons, which pictured homes with automated television sets and kitchen appliances. The producers of such animated films, made mostly in the 1960s, had an accurate vision of life in the 21st Century and beyond. A Smart House works in the ways they depicted.

A Smart House has Network Setups in every room. These setups link with computer programs that power devices automatically.

Another feature of a Smart House is remote access. You can power devices long distance via the touchpad on your tablet.

Security is one more hallmark of a Smart House. Security cameras and motion sensors that power lighting guarantee your family’s security.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart House Technology

A Smart House makes life convenient in many ways. However, it is far from perfect.



  1. Convenient

One advantage of a Smart House is that it eases the burdens of your daily routines. You can program smart products according to your specific needs. Having the air-conditioning on when you enter your house after a long, hot day will bring you relief.

Smart House technology locks and unlocks doors automatically via GPS sensing. All you need to do is define where your home is, and an application takes care of the rest. Your door will lock and unlock itself when you enter and exit your home. You can also program your lights to turn on and off when you want. Set your kitchen appliances to run when you want them to.

Further, smart devices keep track of defects. The app they connect to issues a warning when there is a leakage or something else amiss. You can address issues at once.


  1. Customizable

You can buy Smart House products and customize them. You certainly do not have to get them all. Just add those that you need, and tailor them to suit you.


  1. Secure

With a Smart House system, you can view your room no matter where you are. See what your child or pet is doing from your desktop at the office.


  1. User-friendly

You can install Smart House products without hassle. Programming them is a Breeze, especially if you are already tech savvy. You do not need sophisticated IT skills to do so.


  1. Efficient

A Smart House is an efficient home. It saves you energy since appliances turn on and off automatically. You can power them at a comfortable level. They decrease both energy costs and use.


  1. Increases resale value

Research shows that homes with automated systems sell at a higher price than conventional ones. Smart devices are a worthwhile investment.



  1. Learning Curve

An automated home comes with a few drawbacks. For a start, owning a Smart House means having to learn how to use it. You will have to adapt to new technology, whether you are comfortable with it or not. Once you do, access to every device you need at your fingertips. The benefits of convenience are yours, but you need to learn how to reap them.


  1. Reliability

Technology can create disasters if it falls into the wrong hands. Hackers can break into your home once they obtain the password to your lock. Further, you may encounter privacy issues if your camera captures unwanted footage of your neighbour. To avoid such problems, transfer your video via wireless to other areas which you can monitor.


25 Best Smart House Products

Smart House technology will improve your life if you use the right devices. Here are 25 of the best Smart House devices available on the market. Each serves a different, but important purpose.


  1. Amazon Echo/ Echo Dot

These excellent speakers allow you to do everything effortlessly. Integrate them with Amazon Alexa, a device that manages music playback, to do lists, traffic information, and other real-time data. It will turn the Echo on in an instant. Order a Big Mac without lifting your phone receiver. The Echo is the perfect digital assistant. Get it to turn your music on automatically. It connects with other appliances as well. You can program it to turn on your coffee maker or your microwave oven.

smart house - amazon echo

Set it to issue reminders of when your next medical appointment is, or the time of your child’s ballet lesson. Amazon Echo’s little brother, the Echo Dot, has the same capabilities. You can connect it to other speakers as well.


  1. Belkin WeMo Switch

The Belkin Wemo turns anything that you plug into it automatically. All you have to do is plug it into a power outlet and connect it to your WIFI network. It may be finicky once in a while, but it can detect malfunctions in devices. You can also program it to shut down appliances which take up too much energy.

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat accommodates your schedule and regulates the temperature of your home accordingly. Set it to cool or warm your home before you step into it. You can do this via an app that you can download to your tablet. It works well to regulate the temperatures in the smaller areas of your home.

  1. Lifix Color

Few bulbs match the aesthetic appeal of Lifix Color. You can program these nifty bulbs to light up with the color you choose. Merge them with Alexa and you can turn them on even if you are not at home to do so. This function will come in useful when you run late at work.


  1. Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

If you have never used Smart Lighting before, the Philips Hue Dimming Kit will give you a head start. Use the Philips Hue app to turn them on and off in tandem with your schedule. Again, you can get them to activate even if you cannot arrive home early enough to do so.


  1. BeOn Starter Pack

The best boon of the Be On bulb is that it comes with a battery backup that allows it to shine even if there is no electricity powering it. BeOn accommodates your schedule. It replays your settings, even if you are away for the night.


  1. August Smart Lock HomeKit enabled

Since you want to protect your front door, you will want a lock that is durable and secure. The August Smart Lock functions well and is virtually hack-proof. You can use it with Nest, Logitech Harmony, and Comcast Infinity Home platforms.


  1. Sky Bell WiFi Video DoorBell

Say hello to a doorbell that generates HD pictures of whoever rings it. It works with Amazon Alexa and Nest as well. Do note that it may not function well with Samsung’s Smart Things or the Wink app.

smart house- nest

  1. Nest Protect

With Nest Protect, you do not have to worry about your smoke detector going off randomly. Nest Protect allows you to turn it off remotely. Download the Nest app to integrate it with other Nest Products, like the Nest Thermostat.


  1. iSmart Alarm

The ISmart Alarm gets your motion sensors, alarms and security cameras working at once. Use the ISmart app to monitor them. The only catch is that ISmart does not offer live monitoring. Unlike other apps, it does not alert an operator should anyone trigger an alarm off. You will get a text message or an automated phone call that informs you when something is amiss.


  1. Ruchiro Irrigation Controller

Enthusiastic gardeners, the Ruchiro Irrigation controller is here to assist you. With its help, watering the lawn will no longer be a chore. This nifty device works according to your schedule, location, and the weather in your area. You can control your sprinklers from your mobile device and decrease costs by watering your lawn when necessary.


  1. Eyedro wireless home electricity monitor

You will save on utility bills if you take note of how much electricity you use. The Eyedro Home Electricity Monitor helps you to do just that. It tells you which appliances need the most power. Perfect for both residential and commercial use, it offers usage and billing statistics at a glance. Save both money and the environment.

  1. Bose Soundtouch

The Bose Sound Touch offers live music streaming. It is a one-touch music system which connects all the speakers in your home. In all, it provides a fantastic sound experience. The best benefit of this device is that you can control everything from your tablet.


  1. Egg Minder Smart Egg Tray

If eggs are a must-have for your family, this device is a for you. Everyone faces the problem of being short of eggs. The Egg Minder Smart Egg tray makes sure that you will not forget your eggs. It sends notifications when you run short of them. It also tells you which egg is the oldest so that you can use it first. It stores up to 14 eggs and works with all IOS and android devices.

smart house- chamberlain

  1. Chamberlain Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener

This savvy garage door opener will not disappoint you. It opens doors even when there is no power. The remote device comes with motion sensors, which trigger lights automatically when you step into the garage. It also closes the garage door lest you forget. The Chamberlain Whisper has an anti-burglary feature that changes your access code when someone tries to hack it.


  1. Kohler Tireless Toilet Flush

With the Kohler Timeless Toilet Flush, flushing takes only a simple gesture. It fits a standard toilet and is convenient to install. It saves your hands from getting dirty and helps to prevent germs from spreading. The best benefit of this device is its low cost.


  1. OriGlam LED efficient motion sensor toilet light

The motion sensor bathroom light is indispensable if you have an elderly person living with you at home. It will turn on with a swipe of his hand, so he will not have to fumble around for a light switch. It also prevents him from slipping and falling because lights turn on straight away. Color-coded lights tell you whether the toilet seat is up or down. The OnGlam uses energy efficient LED technology, which saves costs and makes it brighter. Further, you can activate it remotely, before you step into your home.


  1. Insteon 6-Button Dimmer Keypad

You must have complained more than once that the lights in your home are either too bright or dim. The Insteon Dimmer keypad allows you to check on the status of up to six devices. Control these devices without using any wires. Power them before you step into your home.


  1. Parrot Flower Power Wireless Plant Monitor

Do you want to grow plants, but have no time to monitor them? This wireless device will help you do the work for you. Four sensors continuously gather data on the health of your plants. Besides being able to monitor over 6000 types of plants, it sends you reminders to water or add fertiliser to them.


  1. First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensing Light Sensor

Like the Insteon Dimmer Keypad, this device prevents disastrous falls in the dark. The difference between the two devices is that First Alert works in bedrooms and not bathrooms. It powers both CFL and LED bulbs, and can sense movement within 12 feet. You can install it in your current light socket.


  1. Elgato Eve Energy

    smart house- elgatoPlug anything into the Elgato Eve Energy, and switch it on when you are out of the house. If you are a lazy person who does not want to tap on your keypad, you can connect it to Siri, everyone’s favorite voice Automator. Turn your devices on and off with a single command.


    1. Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

    The Schlage Daadbolt has to be one of the most versatile smart locks ion the market. It can lock and unlock your door at the touch of a button, and you can set up to 30 different access codes. Everyone in your family can have his or her own number. The touchscreen has a matt finish which protects it from smudges. It also has a built-in alarm which notifies you when someone has broken into your home.


    1. Mr. Coffee WeMo Coffee Maker

    smart house- mr coffee wemoEveryone loves to have their hot beverages ready for them after a long day. Program this smart espresso machine to have your coffee ready for you when you get home. You can also use it manually when you need to. Have your coffee ready for your guests when they arrive.


    1. Ilumi

    The Illumi is one of the best smart bulbs available today. You can not only control it remotely, but also adjust its color and quality. You can power it with any color you can imagine. Turn them on with a tap of your tablet. It has a nifty app that allows you to control it at will.

    smart house- ilumi

    1. Ring Wifi Smart Video Doorbell

    This device informs you when someone is at your door, and shows you who he is as well. It comes with a live video feed which allows owners to see who has rung the doorbell at once. With night vision capabilities, the camera allows you to see your visitor even if it is dark.


    These devices will make your Smart Hose a home.

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