Digital Technology and Younger Generation

A responsive trend has been developed towards the phase change of the world from the analogue concepts towards the digital technology. Rather the digitization has more over become a household ingredient.The bedrooms, study, drawing, kitchen and the terrace all have some sort of digital gadget ported or installed. Among all the digital gadgets the smartphones have become the most common and the handiest tool.

Smartphones Usability:

Statista, a universal statistic tools suggest that in 2013 the smartphone companies recorded sale of almost 1000 million units while the sale jumped to 1,500 million units in 2015. The ascending trend in the usability of the smartphones is because of a number of features offered by the smartphones, but the most favourite of them are:

  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Social Media Network Apps (such as the Facebook and the twitter)
  • Games
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Network Internet connectivity
  • Bluetooth, NFC and Infrared

The smartphones have contributed a lot towards the development of the digital world. It could have been observed that since 2013, all those vendors who were dealing with the computer system and their peripherals are now heavily dealing with the smartphone technology.

The leading computer brands Dell and Lenovo are also the manufacturers of smartphones now.

Younger Generation:

The younger generation of today is also a high end user of the smartphones. A statistics showed that when children jump into their 11th year of life, they are awarded a smartphone. According to the statistics, only some percentage around 10 – 15% of 10 years old kids use smartphone while the same percentage jumps to 60 – 70% when they turn out of 11.


It’s not like they use the smartphones to play the attractive and interesting games, but they also have their accounts over the social media networks, they have contributions in the music stores, the comment over the released movies over the rating sites and else.

But the usability of smartphones among the younger generation is not much safe. A number of road accidents involve pedestrians that were crossing the road while using their cell phone, and some major car accidents that had been the horrible and caused death involved the driver who was busy in sending a text message.

The Darker Side:

The digital technology covers younger generation, women and senior citizen in the dark side as well. Apart from them families are also affected by the excessive or unorthodox usage of smartphones.

Generalizing the darker side, it would come into the count that it involves:

  • Con
  • Grim
  • Corporal Assault
  • Raging
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Mugging
  • Thugs
  • Doping
  • Leak of Personal Credentials

And much more of the heinous activities are involved in it; while these are much common with the youth and the women. The analogy of serious crimes is to be counted as well.

Lethargic use of Smartphones:

A major distraction of children from studies is even caused by the digital technology. While among that the most favourite of their toy is the smartphone. Apart from that some carelessness might involve:

  • Looking at the smartphone while in the bed can cause temporary blindness, and the frequent use of smartphone in bed can cause stroke
  • It must have been commonly observed that smartphones are generally snatched from children, women and senior citizens
  • A major percentage among the youth cause accidents everyday on the road while using the smartphone for either listening calls or sending messages

Kids are kids, and if they are barred from using the technology, they might go rebellious or might turn out to be reluctant on such words.

Even if their smartphone is configured in front of them, it would even create some mental chaos for the children, which is pretty hard to control.

In such a situation, only an invisible help can do the trick. Rather waiting for any heavenly miracle, get a spy app.

The Spy Apps:

Spy Apps, are a parental control system for the parents which allow them to take control of everything their children have on their smartphones. If it’s a call or a SMS, it could be heard, read, deleted, modified and stored by the parents while using their smartphone instead of their child’s one. Isn’t it a miracle trick?

These are the spyware application, a real invisible help for the parents. And to name the best one, get TheOneSpy!

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Ayesha is a secondary school teacher and loves to write on digital parenting, teens’ safety and parental control. She works with TheOneSpy as senior editor and content contributor. To know more about her follow on twitter @ayeshaasalam689

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