Organizing Sales Leads and Tasks Using these 6 Efficient Mobile Apps

organizing sales leads

Selling has taken a drastic improvement ever since the advent of the digital age. Today, salespeople have more options to deliver their message to specified audience in a more relevant and interactive manner.

However, the ease brought about by the mobile and digital automation tools also brought about a more dynamic competition wherein anyone can literally make their offer available for interested buyers in just a matter of seconds.

As a salesperson, you are professionally obliged to offer the best service to your clients without overstraining your own efforts. This is where mobile apps come in handy. There are tons of unique and friendly application both in Google Play and Apple Store. However, the following are the things that made it to our best list.



Evernote has been making its name ever since it was released to the public. It sports a very friendly user-interface that is very convenient to navigate. Also, it is capable of carrying out some of the most important tasks for sales personnel such as saving documents and sharing them with colleagues.

Another awesome thing about this is its ability to sync all content across different platforms. Therefore, you can create stuff using your mobile then access it later on your laptop or tablet. It’s basically your efficient company in terms of creating collaborative tasks with other professionals and even clients.


If you are looking for an app specifically made to alert you with potential leads and track your transaction to any of them, then Vender might just be that one app right for you. It is lightweight and is highly capable of storing information like call logs for transaction monitoring.


There are times when we just don’t have much luxury to write down a short memo or task description. In this case, Dragon can be your greatest ally. It operates as a voice translator to transform your vocal commands into text. Just say what you want to write down, and this app provides the written text for you.



With the huge amount of work we juggle at a daily basis, it’s no longer a surprise to accumulate huge files as well. From plain text to images and videos, modern marketers and sales personnel need an efficient material that could hold them all together safely. Dropbox does this for you. It acts as a storage tool where you can simply access those stored files for reference or for sharing with other people.

Mind Tools

Working as a salesperson is a learning experience. Beef it up by reading mini articles found in this app! Topics range from communication and decision making to leadership and stress management! If you can’t find a good time to sit down with an informative book, having this tool with you is a very good alternative.


One of the favorite task management methods even for modern-day salespeople is making a to-do list. Here, they can easily list down their target tasks for the day. However, individual post it can be difficult especially if you are working with more than one person.

Digitalize your experience with Wunderlist and go for a paperless task organization. Here, admin can assign jobs to different people and monitor their progress. It sends out timely notification to the participants to alert them of any task that needs immediate attention.


Automating task management is optional. But if you are planning to ace the competition against other sales personnel, then investing on mobile tools that are guaranteed to hasten your labor is highly appropriate.

Try out the apps we have on this list and see how it improves your daily performance!

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