Robot Technology: Now Around The House Too

When you think about robot technology, what comes to mind?

Maybe your thoughts turn to the prosthetic arms being developed to help war veterans? Or maybe you consider the robots now being used to perform intricate surgery?

But what about a device that has been two decades in the making and can now commonly be found in people’s utility rooms and storage cupboards?

Yes, we’re talking about robot vacuum-cleaners.

Made using sophisticated technology originally developed by the army to scan for land mines during wartime, robovacs are one of the most popular new inventions on the market – yet most people still haven’t heard about their advances.

The smart little devices are really quite simple – you plug it in until charged, turn it on and let it do its job. Hands-free and cord-free, you can sit back and relax while the robot works its way around your home, cleaning up dirt and dust from carpet, laminate, tiles and even textured surfaces. There’s no need to set it a task, no need to drag it out from under the sofa and no need to even recharge, as most devices make their own way back to the docking station when running low on power.

The robovac usually has rotating dusters which sweep mess into the machine before being sucked up and removed, leaving you with nothing to do but empty the container when every dog hair and moth ball has been collected.

And if you’re reading this and thinking, ‘surely a little auto-vacuum can’t save that much time?’ you would be wrong. According to the infographic below, we spend an average of 26 hours every week cleaning our homes. And in Slovenia, men spend the most time doing housework compared to their counterparts across the world, with 114 minutes devoted to cleaning and tidying every day!

And when we don’t break out the dustpan and brush, 41% of us admit cutting corners to save on time, including picking the “most noticeable bits” of debris off the floor.

Check out the infographic below from Robotvacuum.ioto find out more robo-vac facts – warning, your credit card will be out of your wallet before reaching the end.


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