How To Make Smartphone Projector From Foam And Magnifying Glass

This may sound odd to you because the manual coming with your smart phone does not indicate any such function of your device. But if you are little creative and find pleasure in doing something new, you definitely can make a projector out of your smart phone. You can make others to watch any favourite program which you are watching on your smart phone. It does not cost more than the cost of two magnifying glass and few ancillary materials. Here how you can make it by yourself


  1. A piece of full size of foam board
  2. Two pieces of Concavo Convex Lenses of sizes 4.0 and 3.5 cm diameter, made in Germany
  3. A sharp pen knife
  4. Glue
  5. Portable Spray painting device
  6. A scale
  7. Red and Black Paint.

Description of the Finished Projector

  1. A rectangular box made of foam board having size 29cm long X 18 cm wide X 9.5cm height. It will have foldable flap on its top; painted black inside and red on the top
  2. A holding device, made out of foam board to hold your smart phone. This will also be a rectangular box, with two strips, pasted on double pasted foam, cut to the size of your smart phone
  3. The smart phone holder will be placed inside the Rectangular box
  4. The inside of the rectangular box will be painted black, in order to facilitate focusing of light through the concavo convex lenses, fitted at the frontage of the box
  5. The top of the box will be painted red for an attractive look
  6. Your smart phone will be made to its working mode with the program that you like to project
  7. A black screen or even smooth and clean white color can be used for projecting your program.


1. Cutting the Foam Board


A full piece of foam board is cut to different sizes, to be used at different portion of the rectangular box

  • 29 cm long X 18 cm wide, to be used as the base of the rectangular box (Marked I)
  • 9.5 cm X 18 cm X 2 pieces; to be glued, one at the front and the other at the back (marked II)
  • 29 cm long X 18 cm width, to be glued at both sides of the rectangular box ( Marked III)
  • 2 pieces, to the exact measurement of your smart phone and pasted, one on the other ( marked IV)
  • One piece of strip to be pasted on the smart phone holder, so that the screen portion of your smart phone is fully exposed ) Marked V)
  • One piece to be pasted at the back portion of the rectangular box ( Marked VI)
  • One piece, slightly lower in length and width, than 9.5 cm X 18cm


2. Making the Lens Holder

Take one piece of 9.5 cm X 18 cm (I) and the smaller one marked VI and paste the (I) one over the other (II). Put the lens at the center of this double pasted foam and mark it by a pen. Then cut out with a knife, around the circular mark and take out the cut portion. Then lenses will be fitted there, later. Glue it bottom edge and fix it at the frontage of the base piece (I)

3. Making the box

Glue the bottom edge of both the pieces marked III on standing position and the piece, marked II at the back side of the box.  Paste the piece marked VI, inside of the back piece(II). Now the box is ready

4. Making the Smart Phone Holder

Cut out a piece, which can be just fitted inside the box, in standing position, put your smart phone over it and mark the foam, just the outer portion of the phone. Then cut the marked portion. A piece of strip will come out. Put this piece on a new piece of foam and mark at the outer edge of the strip and cut out another piece (marked VII. Then paste piece of strip on the piece marked VII. Then mark, this pasted piece on another piece of foam, cu it out and paste it at the bottom of this piece.

Put this strip on another piece of foam and mark the outer edge and then cut it and paste below the paste. Put it another piece, slightly, longer and wider and mark it. Then cut the marked portion. Another strip will come out, with one end wider than the other one. Paste it on the already pasted strip. Now, the smart phone can be just held firmly, with the screen exposed. Place this smart phone holder, in standing position inside the rectangular box.

Paste another piece, inside the back portion of the rear piece.

 5. Spray painting

With a mobile spray painting device, paint the inner portion of the rectangular box, the smart phone holder and the inner portion of the outer cover with black paint. Paint the outside of the cover piece with red paint and inside with black paint . Take care to see that the paint is thinly and evenly sprayed.

6. Fixing the Cover piece

The cover piece is put over the box. The front portion holding the lens is fixed by two pieces of cello tape so that it could be opened or closed. The back piece should be operable. But a piece of hanging cello tape is put at the center so as to close the cover.


7. Fixing of the lenses

Clean the lenses with a piece of clean cloth. One piece is put inside the round hole, the convex portion outward and then glue it properly. Glue the second lens in the inner hole, the concave end, facing inward. Put the glue once again so that the lenses are held firmly.



Now put the smartphone in the smart phone holder, start its operation and keep it, slightly behind the center of the box. Enjoy your program, along with your friends, projected on a white  screen .


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