Essential Phone, By the Creator of Android

Essential Phone, the latest handset which was an ambitious project of Andy Rubin, the creator of Android is finally here. The smartphone was launnched on the official site, which showcases all the details about the upcoming device.

The smartphone is powered by Android 7.1.1 and it shares a lot in common with other flagships like the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8. It uses the new Qualcomm Snapdragonnnn 835 processor with 4GB of RAM(only 4?) and 128GB of internal storage. Powering all this is a battery of 3040 mAh that is slightly larger than Galaxy S8.

Essential Phone

The Essential Phone has a big 5.7-inch QHD(2560×1312) display with an edge-toedge screen. On the front we have an 8MP shooter that is capable of 4K videos. On the back the essential phone has dual cameras of 13MP RGB sensor and 3MP monochrome sensor. What’s lacking is the good old headphone jack(Yes, it’s gone for good!) and would rely on the USB Type-C and bluetooth for audio. Also you’ll find the fingerprint scanner at the back at an appropriate place(Galaxy S8, please learn) and a complete lack of branding. The device is made up from a combination on tianium and ceramic which should make it very durable.

Essential Phone


There is however asomething new with this device,  they have introduced some unique modular accessories that will delight a few for sure. For starters, a 360-degree camera capable of shooting UHD(3840×1920) video at 30fps and a charging dock. These connect to the device via metal pins, more such accessories are expected show up post device launch.

Essential Phone

Though there is no clue as to when the device will be released, but the starting prices have been confirmed at $699 and pre-orders are now open. There are four colors, Black Moon, Stellar Grey, Pure White and Ocean Depths but only the black and white options are up for pre-prders currently. The Essential Phone will be released in the US initially.

That’s all what we know of the latest buzz about the Essential Phone but you can expect more in the coming days. Do share your thoughts about the device and it’s approach about modularity in the comments, we’d love to hear that.

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