Best Types of Power Banks and How to Choose One

Power banks are the fastest growing charging electronics on the market. The reason for that is because power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Since they’re so popular, there are lots of companies that sell power banks, and that has led to lots of innovation with them. Meaning there are different types that are capable of doing different things.

It’s also important to know what the major facets of a power bank that you should be looking at before you purchase one. That’s because there are certain parts that make a power bank’s whole experience up, so let’s go over those first.

Types of Portability and Longevity

Power banks are built on their power capacities, otherwise, they wouldn’t be portable. With that said, the power capacity plays a major role in how you experience a power bank, because it controls its size and how you’re going to use it. Which brings us to the base types of power banks that are most popular.

Mini Power banks

Power banks that are small are the most popular ones and that’s because they use very few batteries and small ones as well, which ultimately makes these power banks small. They’re so small that these types of power banks are able to fit into your pocket and you can also hold them while you charge your devices. The main set back with Mini power banks is the same thing that makes them so great, which is their low power capacity.

Having a low power capacity means that they’re really only able to charge smartphones and similar devices to max power at least once or twice.

High-Capacity power banks

Then there are power banks that have high power capacities. These are a lot larger and heavier than Mini power banks because they use larger and multiple batteries. They’re not the best for portability purposes, however, these power banks are still very useful when it comes to their power.

A high power capacity allows them to charge lots of devices multiple times over. It also means that they have many charging ports that can charge lots of devices at once and fully charging lots of devices at once with a power bank can be very useful.

Power banks that have different abilities

Built-in Cables

– There are power banks that have built-in cables and those are the type that are the most reliable. Power banks are the type of charging electronic that are vital to always have a charging cable with. Every charging electronic requires a charging cable, however, there are times that you could forget to bring a charging cable with your power bank because it’s portable.

That is why some power banks that have built-in cables are great to have since they’re always going to be useful. Not only to some of these power banks have a single built-in cable, but they also have multiple built-in cables that are for different devices; in addition to that, they use USB ports and there are some that have built-in methods of recharging such as using an AC Adapter or a USB cable to recharge. Power banks that use an AC Adapter to recharge are ones that are also able to double as USB wall chargers when they’re plugged into an AC Outlet.

Rugged power banks

Most electronics are fragile. If you drop a smartphone then it will most likely get damaged, and we’re just now getting to the point where some smartphones are now waterproof. The same goes for power banks, as most of them are fragile and not able to withstand harsh conditions.

With that said, there are certain types of power banks that are able to withstand things that normal ones can’t and they’re called Rugged portable chargers. Rugged power banks are ones that lots of reinforcements on their structure and that allows them to be dropped, rolled or thrown and still not sustain any damage. In addition to being shockproof, these types of power banks are also waterproof ones.

Waterproofing only takes effect when the USB ports are covered by a water blockage covering that most Rugged power banks have. Also, it’s important to know that different Rugged power banks have different Enclosure levels. An Enclosure is basically the amount of water exposure that a power bank can withstand before it’s compromised by water. Know which Rugged power banks are able to take splashes of water and which ones can downright take a swim is vital, or else you’ll damage your power bank.

Power banks that are used on Cables

Power banks are versatile charging electronics, as you’ve probably noticed with the other types of power banks that we’ve mentioned. In this case, it just proves that they’re even more versatile. Since there are power banks that are so small that they’re implemented onto charging cables. They’re meant for emergencies as they mostly have power capacities of 500mAh. However, as long as the built-in power bank on the cable has power, all you have to do is plug the charging cable into your smartphone and it’ll start charging.

Another great thing about this mechanism is that these charging cable with power banks can be used just as any other charging cable with other charging electronics. So you can use them with USB wall chargers, car chargers and also Wireless chargers too.

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