How to Be Safe from Ransomware

Different malware threats have emerged significantly in recent times. One such threat is Ransomware which has damaged and ransomed millions of users around the world in recent times. Ransomware typically is malicious code which is designed to encrypt and get full control of your data and system. Further ransomware attackers ask for the ransom from the user to decrypt the system & data. Although Ransomware has been in presence for the last couple of decades, it has spread its outreach in last few years.

In some ransomware attacks, you may need not to worry as it requires some basic knowledge to reverse the effect of this malware threat but it becomes cause of worry when malware coders have used an advanced technique called Cryptoviral Extortion. In this technique, they use advanced and sophisticated malicious code to encrypt your files and make them inaccessible to you. To deal with the ransomware threat and to keep your system safe from this threat you can follow some simple tips. Let’s discuss few simple steps to keep your system safe from ransomware.

Install Reputable Security Suite

Your system comes equipped with certain security software programs to keep your system safe from various malware threats. One of these security measures is Firewall on your system which provides effective security to your system during online activities. It creates defense wall between your system and malicious code coming through the Internet. The next important measure to keep your system secured is installing a reliable anti-malware program.

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Anti-malware software is designed to prevent your system by detection of malicious code. It firmly secures your computer from malicious and unauthorized code. Firewall along with anti-malware program on your system can provide a dual protection to your system from all malware threats effectively. In additional features, anti-malware program may work as adware blocker, anti-spyware, pop-up blocker and ransomware protection tool.

Use Built-in Features

Apart from Firewall and anti-virus program, your system offers additional features to keep your system security intact. Typically, your system keeps all file extensions in hidden format under Windows default settings. You can make file extensions visible on your system to avoid malware threat as most malicious codes are spread through certain file extensions like .exe file format. Apart of it, you can set system restore points on your PC to reverse your computer to previous known safe state in case your system come under malware attack. You should be quick to recover data it system restore points as many malicious codes directly attack your system “Shadow” files making it almost impossible to get back to known safe state.

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Keep System Software Up to Date

This is another simple step that helps you protect your system from ransomware. A system with old software remains prone to malware attacks all the time as attackers know the loose loopholes in your system software. Apart of it, to fix these loopholes manufacturers keep releasing latest updates for software with security patches, bug fixes, and latest features. Thus, keeping system operating system apart from software updates for different applications play an important role to keep your system protected from ransomware. System updates will also help you improve system performance significantly.

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Avoid Suspicious Links

Malicious links in the form of URLs to malicious websites and attachments with emails play an important role to spread malicious code all around the world. This is the primary route malware attackers choose to spread malicious code via phishing scams and spam emails. Many of these attackers use social engineering tactics to spread malware. Thus you should avoid clicking on suspicious and unknown links to avoid malware threat. Apart of it, when downloading something from the Internet you should scan the data prior downloading it. Always prefer to download anything from reliable sources only. It will help you secure your system from ransomware or any malware threat.

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Use Secure Network

“Free Wi-Fi”, it may sound lucrative but it also hosts lots of limitations and troubles. Data breach and virus threats are much visible on open Wi-Fi networks in comparison to password protected Wi-Fi networks. Thus, you should consider using secured networks to perform any tasks. It will help you avoid all malware threats.

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Protecting system from various malware threats is not so complicated when you follow some simple security rules while working on your computer. We have discussed few basics of system security here which can help you avoid ransomware threat effectively.


Following few simple security steps you can avoid all security threats on your system effectively. Let’s discuss basics of system security to avoid ransomware threats.


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