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Nowadays, our fast paced lifestyles often put us in the position where we have to sacrifice our free time to do all the daily tasks. Fortunately, as we speed through our routines, technology and science try to follow so every now and then there is news about an innovative piece of technology landing the market.

Smart technology is changing according to consumers demands in order to make daily chores easier, faster and convenient. Smart technology is more than just a trend; it is a complete revolution in the way humans live and operate. Many argue that smart phones made us antisocial and focused on the screen, however, they forget about the benefits and convenience smart gadgets brought us.

Incorporating smart appliances does not have to be an unbearable financial investment. Various smaller smart home improvements are highly productive and affordable.

Automation and control of your home

Controlling your home can be done through connected appliances; however, that could cost you thousands of dollars. Wink Hub communicates with various wireless protocols and Bluetooth so you could control and automate your home through one device. Connecting smart home gadgets to Wink Hub will allow you to monitor and control them anytime with less effort than ever. The price of this comfort 50$ which is incomparably more affordable than any large-scale connected gadgets.

Energy savings

Smart does not just mean speed and convenience but also efficiency. Investing in smart home improvement appliances will often result in energy savings from the long term perspective. For example, it takes about 60 days for power strips and about 3 years for electricity monitor to pay off. There are various rooms where you can include a smart improvement that will manage your power consumption. Smart lighting, thermal heat detecting appliances, and shower meters, for example, monitor power consumption and adjust it to your needs.

LIFX and Philips Hue Lux are examples of smart lights that function using Wi-Fi. You can control all lights on your property and change colors of the light bulbs according to the mood you want to achieve.

Living sustainably and comfortably

With a rapid growth of the green movement, many homeowners want to take the environment into account and smart technology is the best way to do so. Living efficiently inevitably includes knowing what is happening outside your home. Eco-friendly smart appliances measure the environment and adjust your home to the external elements. Therefore, home automation prevents energy loss and gadgets are mostly user-friendly. By incorporating them into your home you could save up to 10 % of energy.

Spending 15$ on a gadget like the Climate sensor is an astute purchase. Climate sensor thoroughly analyses outside conditions: humidity, pressure, color levels, CO2, lighting, and motion. After analyzing those factors, it adjusts, for example, your thermostat to the optimal temperature.


Consider investing into Energy Star Appliances which are appliances like microwave, fridge, and toaster that possess energy star certificate. These allow you to save money and energy without harming the environment.

Cooking devices

Providing you with more free time is one of the primary purposes of the smart home gadgets. As summer is at its peak, families love gathering in backyards and barbecuing. However, if you are the main chef of the night, then you might miss on a lot while watching the meat. Cooking devices make this a thing of a past.

iDevicesiGrill mini monitors your meat and warns you when it is perfectly done. It is a small and compact gadget that should be installed on your grill and connected with your phone via Bluetooth. It offers you a chance to sit down with your family and enjoy free time.


How many times did you forget to buy a grocery that motivated you to go shopping in the first place? GeniCan is a device that acts as your personal reminder, so you could get everything you need the first time. It is attached to your garbage can and has a barcode reader that detects the barcode and adds the item to your shopping list.

Safety of your home

Keeping your home safe should be a priority, and it also made tremendously easier with the help of smart home devices. Securing your property is often expensive; however, sometimes there is no need to buy a full gear.

If you possess a working alarm system, but it is getting old, you can boost it with The Roost Smart Battery. This smart gadget reminds of a 9V battery. However, it is way more advanced and can be an alternative to your old alarm system battery. It has an average lifespan of 5 years, so you can save money. The Roost Smart battery does not just recognize smoke but also natural gases and dangerous carbon monoxide.

Another smart device that provides you with a peace of mind is Nest Cam. This small smart gadget allows you to monitor your home over a tablet or smart phone whenever you are in doubt. It has various upgrades such as the night vision, motion and sound alerts so you could get a full picture of your property and prevent intruders from harassing your home.

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