5 Foosball Game Apps for Android

In this article we’ll be checking out 5 foosball game apps for Android. They have been getting more traction in recent times and it seems a good time to share about some of the best games that you can find out.

  1. Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio

People in Ludus Studio really know what they are doing because this app the best foosball app for Android at the moment and this is not the only foosball app on this list made by Ludus Studio. Just when you look the pictures in the Google Play you can see that it really looks amazing. But, the graphics and the deisgn isn’t the only thing good on this app. The game offers so many options and awards that you won’t be able to put it down. The first thing you can choose is the mode you want to play in. Do you want to play the league, tournaments or do you want to win the challenges? It really doesn’t matter because the game has it all. You can choose the team from 51 national teams; you can choose the table and mode. Sounds pretty good to me.

  1. Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

Yes, the 2nd place is another foosball game by Ludus Studio, which is actually their first foosball game ever made. The game is pretty good and it has a lot to offer. If you are only a 1-man or 3-man goalie fooser, don’t worry you can choose the formation selection. You can choose the table size, you can choose the game mode, play with your friend and all that on really good app which will make you feel like you are playing the real foosball table, not an application. You can’t choose from 51 national teams, but you can from 25, which is still impressive.

  1. Foosball by White Collar Games

Even though this app has lower quality design and graphic, it is extremely addictive game. You can’t choose the challenges or the tournaments or the league, but you can play with a friend and have tons of fun. This app is more focused on 2 player mode becuase it offers you the option to choose the duration of the match and the number of goals one team needs to score to win the game. There are few other options in the app, like the Bonus Slow Motion and Bonus Super Ball mode which can improve your gaming experience.

  1. Foosball by NAVU App

This app for Android is pretty simple. Everything is made with red and blue details, from icons to teams and it does provide you good foosball experience, but nothing more. You can’t choose the team or the table, but you can choose two modes: the scrimmage and championship. It is not the typical foosball app because you use arrows to move the rods, which is something you have to adjust to.

  1. Foosball 3D by Azanf

It is the lowest quality app on this list because it is not user-friendly at all. When you start the app you will notice only 3 buttons on the screen: 1 Player, 2 Players and Settings. With that in mind you can see that you can’t choose anything except the number of players. You can’t choose the color or the difficulty, you can only start playing and enjoy the foosball.

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