Google: Solve For India Conference

On 23rd of September Google’s Solve For India Conference went live. The programme aims to expand and energize the startup ecosystem in tier-2 cities across the country.

Welcome Note

The event started off with the opening session by Mr. Karthik Padmanabhan, Developer Relations Manager @Google India. The talk was focused on current internet users in India and why Google is working on Solve For India . It was fascinating to know that current Indian internet users are more inclined to use Indian languages rather than the English language. He also emphasized on creating applications that can be used by the masses. He mentioned about the three kinds of Indian Consumers: Globals(Income > $10,000), Strivers(Income $2,500-$10,000) and Seekers(Income < $2,500) and he pointed out that by the year 2020 the number of Strivers would increase by 107% which would be around 675M. So it is quintessential to keep in mind these numbers while creating applications or business options in India for future.

Designing for Indian Users

The next session was given by Mr. Raveesh Bhalla, Design Consultant. He laid out some of the design concepts that were done in the wrong way that hindered user experience. Raveesh also mentioned about the Next billion Users of Indian market and explained some of their personality traits that we need to keep in mind while designing solutions.

Analytics for Mobile Developers

After a 15 min break the next session started off by Mr. Ruhbir Singh, Country Manager  @Google Analytics 360 Suite. The session started off with a video that displayed where all we use Google and it’s services. He emphasised on the fact that we need better monitoring systems for our applications so that we can help the user in the best possible manner. We need digital eyes to look out for what the user wants even before user actually asking for it. Firebase is a perfect tool for analysing, monitoring and managing user data in every possible manner. He also mentioned about the fact that most of the users don’t update their applications so it is very important to keep mesurement sdk’s right from the first build of the application.

Progressive Web Apps

The next session was given by Mr. Hemant HM, Google Developer Expert(Web Technology). PWA’s are fast catching up and there’s a good reason for it. Hemant showed some popular apps that adopted PWA’s and what was it’ s impact. Later on he explained what a Service Worker is and how it works. With the help of Service Worker, the PWA’s can now have background sync which is very crucial for any application. If you want to check out how PWA’s work, then look out the links below:

1. Air Horner-

2. OLA Cabs-

Integrating Indic in Your Solution

After a grand lunch, the next session was taken by Ms. Pakhi Bagai, Marketing & Developer Relations @Reverie Language Technologies. She started off by laying out some myths that are currently in the industry about the local languages in India. She also gave out a detailed explanation about what is localisation any why it is important in Indian Market. In the talk she informed about what all nuances we need to keep in mind while creating applications that will benefit for both the users and the developers.

Some of the key-points are as follows:

  • Option to select their language upfront.
  • Separate static strings from code.
  • Adaptable UI design.
  • No complex jargon and processes.


Power Your Solutions With Firebase

The next session was taken by Mr. Manoranjan Padhy, Community Manager @ Google Developer Relations,India. The session was focused around Firebase and how we can use it to make our lives better. He laid out a simple life-cycle of an Application namely: Develop, Grow and Earn. And Firebase helps in achieving all the mentioned points easily.

He informed about Real-time  Database and laid out it’s features as follows:

  • Authentication
  • Hosting
  • Storage
  • Firebase Cloud Mesaging
  • Remote Config
  • Test lab for Android
  • Crash Reporting

Building For Google Assistant

The last session was given by Mr. Jadeja Dushyantsinh, Program Manager @ Google Developer Relations, India. He started off by explaining types of communication which are Verbal and Non Verbal. Actions on Google, is a new platform by which we can create our own bots was introduced. There are two types of actions: Direct Actions and Conversation Actions. Introduction to bots and how we can implement it in our solutions was also discussed. He gave a demo by interacting with a feedback bot that he created. It was really intuitive and robust in terms of it’s creation. Training our bot was also a great feature. This would help us in training our bots with real world scenarios and it will also help in making our bot more intelligent.

Open House & Closing Note

The event concluded with an open house session where all the queries were addressed. It was really informative because the queries came from the developers who were facing roadblocks at their place. My question was also answered and I’ll try to implement the same(hope it works). It was really amazing how developer community works. After the session there were many developers who came to me to offer their solution as well. It really feels great to be a part of such amazing developer community which is always ready to help each other.


Google Developer Days India 2017

The next big event by Google was also announced for the first time in this conference. It is the Google Developer Days, where all google devs would come together and have a great time. Mr. Karthik gave some insight about what to expect in the event and why we should join it. There would be codelabs, demo sessions, problem solving and other fun stuff. The event would be held in Bangalore from 1-2nd December. The registrations are open already and you can register for the event from here.



This was my first Google conference and I’m glad that I took part in it. It is vibrant and great for all those who are into app/web development. These conferences help you expand your imagination and also boost you up so that you strive hard to build better apps for the masses.

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