Get Your Game Face on With the Best Gaming Chair

Whatever your gaming console might be, as a gamer, it is very important that you stay as comfortable as possible while you sit down and play. From the style of the chair to the special features up to the compatibility with the system, there are several key components that you have to consider before you buy your ultimate gaming chair and gear up for your game.

If you think that the biggest gaming decisions will only start about choosing your gaming console, the truth is, this is just the start.

Right now, choosing the correct peripherals for you to make the most out of your gaming is as equally essential as the console itself and it will not just stop at a controller and headset. For you to completely immerse yourself in the thrilling action, you will need only the best chair for your gaming.

  • What’s a Gaming Chair?

The different chairs for gaming come in various sizes and shapes. Many of them look like the traditional office chairs while the others have low lean back rockets and if you want, you can also get the bean bags.

These come with an extensive array of the numerous integrated technology such as the sub-woofers, vibration and the speakers that can literally make you feel the whole gameplay and completely immerse into the action.

Some of the chairs are connected wirelessly to the console, the ones being the most expensive, and the others come with wired connections.

But at the end of the day, what’s important is that these chairs should make sitting before your TV even more comfortable instead of camping down on the hard floor with your legs crossed awkwardly.

  • What Do These Chairs Do?

Almost all of the chairs for gaming focus on the sound. The audio that comes from the game is being fired either through a wireless or wired connection to the integrated speakers of the chair. With sounds coming from around you and not in front of you, the basic idea here is that you will feel more like you are in the actual game in the same way that the surround sound also works with your setup for home cinema.

Aside from this, many of the chairs also have the built-in functions for vibration that work together with the real-time actions of the game. Similar to the rumbling thumbsticks that you get from your controller once someone fires bullets past your head or you are in the middle of a tough tackle in FIFA, these chairs are going to vibrate that will make the entire experience more real than you can ever imagine.

  • Styles of Chairs for Gaming

The style of the chair that you will choose will depend primarily on your personal preferences. After all, it will be your own body that will remain glued to the chair during the whole game and even beyond. However, outside your own comfort and personal choice, it is also a must that you consider the different types of games that you are most likely to play as well as how often you do because these factors are also crucial to the choice that you will make. Comfort will remain as the key as far as gaming chairs are concerned.

  • Pedestal Chairs

If you want something that is higher from the ground while you are playing and you want your life to have some swivel, the pedestal chair is your best bet. These pedestal chairs are the same with the traditional seating options, elevating the player off the floor and giving the straight shot at the screen with a clearer view of the game. These pedestals are also giving you the option to swivel and tilt as needed.

  • Gaming Rockers

What’s even better than to kick back and enjoy your favorite game? Reclining in your gaming rocker, of course. Partly gaming control center and partly rocking chair, the gaming rockers are the number one choice of those players who would like to stay comfortable while they get a kick of the game. These gaming rockers have an L shape, with the chair’s seat resting directly on the floor. The rocker’s arch allows you to gently rock while you sit or you can just sit back and relax. But the most important thing here is that the gaming rockers allow you to sit as close to your screen and the action as you like.

  • Gaming Racing Chairs

For those who want to sit in your gaming experience’s driver’s seat, there is no other better way for you to do it than with the racing chair. The gaming racers are equipped with the wheels and pedals to offer you with the most realistic gameplay experience, allowing you to steer the things that are taking place onscreen. Thanks to all the hands-on driving tools, the racing chairs are the best choice for flight simulations and driving games. With this, you can even replicate the driving experience with no need for you to leave your home or even your chair at all.

  • Compatibility with the System

Probably an essential thing to check when shopping for your gaming chair would be the system compatibility. After all, it will not really matter how comfortable your chair is if you cannot play your most favorite games while sitting on it. Some of the most common systems for gaming include Xbox, Wii and PlayStation and the computer games that are being run through Mac or PC so see to it that whatever chair you choose is going to work with your chosen console.

Many of the chairs come fully equipped with the headrest speakers which allow you to transform your gaming chair to your very own surround sound paradise for you to completely experience the reality of your game.

These chairs usually include audio output and input ports that will connect to the HDMI cable input of your TV and let you hear the audio directly from the video game that comes from the speakers within the chair itself. It can remarkably enhance the impact such has on you while you are playing. Although the cord hookup can be very simple, it is still best to search for a wireless device so that you can prevent any tripping hazards during your game. Of course, you do not need to have a loose cord that will trip you up whether in your game or in reality. The Bluetooth and wireless audio connectivity will make it easier to run sound from the gaming system towards the built-in headrest speakers of your chair with no need for you to worry about all of the pesky cords that can get in the way. Aside from the built-in speakers, there are gaming chairs that also come complete with the built-in subwoofers that offer a multi-sensory experience.

  • Features of the Best Chairs for Gaming

After you have sorted out the primary components, it is about time that you enjoy the highest level of fun with your gaming chair. At the end of the day, isn’t it what your game is all about? Shop for the chairs that have the coolest features that will make sure that you will have the coolest seat or ride in town.

  • Material

Just like ordinary chairs, these chairs can also come in various materials which include cloth, mesh, polyurethane and vinyl. Your chosen fabric will all be up to you and what you will find as the most comfortable. However, you have to keep in mind that fabric and mesh will breathe much better so that you will stay cooler, while polyurethane and vinyl chairs are much easier to clean.

  • Comfy Cushion

There’s a high chance that you will spend some time sitting in your chair so you will want to have a comfortable surface. Pick a chair with cushion seat to avoid that much dreaded dumb-butt syndrome.

  • Storage

There are chairs that have side pockets for storage that make it easier to keep the controllers as well as other essentials within reach.

  • Rest for the Weary Arms

It is best that you look for chairs that have adjustable armrests so that you can put them in the position that you feel most comfortable with.

  • Space Savers

To avoid having a chair that eats up much of your floor space when not in use, look for a gaming chair that you can fold for easy storage. This way, your chair is going to stay out of your way if you are not in the mood for a game


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