All That We Know About The Latest iPhone 8 So Far

Apple’s iPhone 8 is already launched in an event that took place at the Apple Park last week. As promised, Apple inaugurated three new iPhones but it named the high-end model which was expected to come with all the breakthrough features iPhone X. The other two models that Apple revealed were iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. So, even though iPhone 8 is not what you might have expected, it still has a lot to offer and there are few aspects that are common in iPhone 8 and iPhone X as well. It is, therefore, worth looking into the new iPhone 8 from Apple and all that it has to offer. Let’s check out.

  1. A 11 Bionic Chip

    The new iPhone 8, as well as iPhone X, are powered by the latest A11 Bionic Chip which is, probably, the most powerful processor to have ever featured in an iPhone.


  2. Wireless Charging

    Another common feature in iPhone 8 and iPhone X, wireless charging comes to iPhones for the first time. So, you can now cut those wires out and just put your iPhone on the power pad for charging it. The wireless charging feature that is introduced by Apple in the new iPhones follows Qi wireless standard which is widely accepted around the world now.


  3. Overall Design


    The design of the new iPhone 8 is pretty much the same as iPhone 7 iPhones. In fact, you’d get to hear many times, “What, is it iPhone 7?” So, if you had been expecting design changes, they all have gone to the high-end iPhone X model and almost nothing has changed in overall design of the iPhone 8. The two iPhones are sized 4.7” and 5.5” same like iPhone 7 models.


  4. Glass Body

    The new iPhones also feature glass body both at the front and the back. Actually, the introduction of glass is to make sure that wireless charging feature works just fine in the new iPhones. And, this is not just any glass out there, in fact, Apple has chosen laser-welded steel reinforced glass to make sure it comes out with a sturdy piece of equipment. Besides, there is aluminum band that matches the finish of the new iPhone. Aerospace-grade aluminum is used in these new iPhones.


  5. No Facial Recognition

    Much was said and heard about ‘Pearl ID’, the facial recognition feature that was expected to come in iPhone 8, before the release of the new iPhones. However, as it appears, Apple decided to introduce facial recognition in iPhone X and it is not there in iPhone 8 models. Both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus stick to Touch ID as their security mechanism. Same goes for the Home Button, as Apple has gone with physical Home button in its low-end models and only iPhone X gets rid of it.


  6. Augmented Reality

    The new iPhone 8 also features AR capabilities as well and with iOS 11 running on them, they will allow for compatible apps as well. These new iPhones are custom-calibrated and support immersive graphics at 60 fps. The A11 bionic SoC also helps these iPhones meet the hardware requirements to support ARKit.


  7. iPhone 8 Colors

    Some crazy fans always want to know what colors their most-anticipated iPhones will be available in. For them, Apple has decided to introduce iPhone 8 models in 3 colors including silver, blush gold and space grey.

    So, if you have long been anticipating the new iPhone 8, it’s about time that you place your orders and get to taste the latest release from Apple. Apple has given it a lot and you’re sure to like what comes in the package.


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