How to Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC

Running Android apps on Windows PC brings you certain benefits that help you improve your productivity. There is no as such any manual process that helps you do that instead you can use Android emulator apps to do this task with ease and comfort. Here, these smart apps enable you to test Android apps on bigger PC screen with more clarity and details. Further, you can enjoy your favorite Android games on larger PC screen to get best out of your game. In this article, we have discussed top 5 Android emulator apps to help you run Android apps on your Windows PC.

Android Studio

Android Studio is official IDE for Android. This simple yet powerful tool helps you to install and run any Android app effortlessly on your Windows system. Here, it allows you to test any of your important Android apps for all Android configurations including Android smartphone, Tablet, Android Wear, Android TV etc. Its smart sensor control allows you to complete numerous tasks effortlessly. Using its flexible and robust build system, you can configure all valuable projects to include code libraries. You can even generate numerous build variants based out of single project as per your need. Further, it offers high-performance build automation, robust dependency management, and customizable build configuration.


android studio


Use this smart tool to break barrier between your Android device and your PC. Here, it offers all latest Android OS feature upgrades to keep you up-to-date. This powerful tool is full of useful features like unlimited storage capacity, PC & Mac compatibility, and it even allows you to enjoy your favorite games on PC. Here, you can use your Android device as a remote control to play numerous interesting games. Further, you can enjoy seamless transition between your smartphone and your PC. Here, you can run all communication apps seamlessly without wireless or wireline connections.





You can use this app with various Android devices that support different Android kernels including Android KitKat, Android Jellybean, and Android Lollipop effortlessly. You can use this smart app to perform all tasks related to your Android device on bigger PC screen. Using this app, you can expect 2X benchmark score compared to the latest flagship Android devices. Further, it displays full compatibility with different hardware configurations including various games.



AMIDuOS is designed on futuristic concept to bring depth and functionality of Android experience to your PC. Using this tool, you can perform all your Android tasks seamlessly on larger PC screen with seamless experience. Here, you can access all major Android applications available in the app market. Here, it even helps you enjoy ARM apps with ARM v7 compatibility. For better gaming experience it supports 3D acceleration and offers many more features. While playing graphic-intensive games it offers better frame rate as it is designed to support Windows Open GL drivers.



KO Player

KO Player offers HD resolution to help you enjoy your favorite games or other tasks on crisp and attractive display. It offers numerous useful features including keyboard to Touch mapping and creating multiple accounts to improve user experience. Here, for better experience, you should have a good amount of RAM and graphics card to enjoy everything that this app has to offer. You can use this app for seamless and powerful user experience.




Android emulator apps offer bunch of useful features and offer you greater control over Android apps while used on Windows screen. Using these apps on bigger PC screen, you get better options to test various Android apps with detail and enjoy your favorite games. Further, you can also use other Android utility apps with better results. We suggest you use these nifty tools to get instant and effective results.

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