Mac File Recovery Software Has 5 Remarkable Updates

Apple constantly keeps evolving its products after every interval, usually annually. With every new update in the Mac operating system, there are several changes that take effect and are aimed at uplifting the experience of the Mac customers.

Introduction of new and more powerful features are always good for the consumers, but it prompts other third-party software makers to also update their software to stay relevant and compatible. With the launch of the new macOS High Sierra, there are several subtle but significant changes hidden under the same old interface.

The new OS includes a brand new file system, better graphics & VR, mail updates, security updates, and more. Keeping these aspects in mind, the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional is developed to be fully compatible with the macOS High Sierra. The great thing about this software is that it functions efficiently on all Mac operating systems and is devised to run smoothly on the macOS High Sierra 10.13 the latest version and other lower versions till 10.6.

These are some useful updates in the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional.

Wider Support

The new Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software includes a more robust recovery engine that recovers a wide range of things from files, folders to Time Machine Backups. The software is capable of recovering your lost files from almost all types of external or internal storage devices. With the new update, many new file extensions and systems have been incorporated including the new Mac file system – Apple File System (APFS). The software also allows you to recover data from formatted or corrupt hard drives.

The embedded deep scan feature allows you to conduct a more thorough search via file signature to help find the files and recover them more precisely.

Large Storage Drive Support

In the new Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery application, large storage drives (up to 5 TB) are fully supported. You can now recover a large amount of data relatively easily. Data recovery time entirely depends on the size of the hard drive and the size of the recoverable files, this tool eliminates older problems related to data recovery from large hard drives.

More File Extensions Added

Software that supports a large number of file extensions has the best chance of recovering the lost files from your storage device. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional holds a wide range of file types making it the most comprehensive software for data recovery. You can easily recover your data from all the known file types of images, videos, documents, application files, emails, audio, and archive files. In addition, the software includes the option of adding new file headers in case you can’t find a file type. Support for HD-MOV is also provided in the software.

The File List option in Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional is extremely useful; it allows you to search for a specific file based on the file extension, thereby inducing faster scanning and better recovery results.

NTFS Support

The version 8.0 of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional supports NTFS file system that allows you to recover files and folders from the hard drive initialized with NTFS. Apart from NTFS, the software is adept at handling several other file systems such as HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS, and ex-FAT. You can scan multiple file systems simultaneously with the software for better results.

The Mac file recovery software is capable of recovering data from all variety of CD/DVD from DFS and UDF file systems.

Time Machine & Time Capsule Included

Time Machine is the default data backup app bundled within the macOS. The application creates backup data on any capable hard drive except the drive that is being backed up.

Time Capsule at its core is a storage device. But, it’s not just any storage device, the device includes innovative features that give this product a unique identity. Time Capsule boast features like automatic wireless backup, latest three-stream 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology for quick file transfer & storage, etc.

If you are using the Mac for a longer time period, you must be aware that the Time Machine Backup can also get deleted leaving you in a difficult situation.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional includes the capability to recover even the deleted or corrupted Time Machine Backup with all your data.

To Conclude

Here, we have discussed the new and highly useful updates in data recovery software after the release of the new macOS – High Sierra.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is one of the best options for macOS High Sierra as it’s fully compatible with the latest OS and includes new features like extended support, large hard drive processing, new file extensions added, supports NTFS file system, Time Machine Backup recovery, and much more.

Check out the new software for better recovery of your files, folders, and volumes.

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