7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Digital TV

Watching TV is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s accessible to most, and it is the easiest way to forget about what’s going on around you. It’s no wonder that despite the entertainment that people can get from their mobile devices, very few actually consider giving up their TV.


Also, with the continuous advancements in digital technology, even a regular TV can now be used to tap into the entertainment provided on the Internet. But, if you prefer to “compartmentalise” your home entertainment, you can simply focus on the abundant options digital TV provides. Just leave your YouTube video-watching to your mobile gadgets.


Here’s the thing, having a good digital TV truly is more than enough for home entertainment. However, if you do not have your TV set up properly, you really will find the options digital TV offers lacking. ‘Want to make the most out of it? Here are seven different ways to do just that:


1. Have your antenna adjusted

Where it’s located and how it is positioned to “catch” signals can make all the difference in your TV reception. Once you find the sweet spot, not only will you have better image and sound quality, you can expect to get several more channels as well.


2. Clear your surroundings

If the trees around your property have heavy and thick branches and leaves, try having them trimmed or pruned. The fewer obstructions there are, the better your antenna reception will be.


3. Go higher

Going higher for your digital TV antenna installation means that there will be fewer obstructions to signals in the air.


Choosing a higher position for antenna installation, however, requires the expertise and equipment of professionals. So, if you want a higher placement for your digital TV antenna, call in the pros to take care of the job.


4. Use an amplifier

An amplifier or signal booster is usually a built-in component of a digital antenna. The problem is, most people do not know how to properly tune it. If you want to make this component work for you, follow the tuning advice of expert antenna installers: amplify to 14db — which would be just about perfect.

This level of amplification is good enough even if you live 50 miles or farther from the closest broadcast stations or towers.


5. Protect all the connecting wires from the antenna to the TV

Most cable wires have thick covers but it never hurts to provide them extra protection especially if they pass through areas where little creepers are known to hide. Protective covers for cable wires will make sure that rodents and cockroaches will not munch on the rubber wrap around the wires.


And while you’re at it, perhaps consider a pest control service. Let this serve as an additional protective strategy for your cables because rats, mice, cockroaches, and ants are attracted to the rubber covering of cables in general including transmission wires.


It is important to mention as well that protecting the cables will help keep them in place and prevent certain movements from leading to the possibility of disconnection.



6. Invest in high-quality cables

Consider this if you are not keen on the extra work of attaching protective covers for your cables. High-quality cables are definitely more durable and have much better insulation, which is crucial if they are exposed to the sun or if you live in a region that has a really hot climate.


Likewise, you would want to use such cables if the antenna is located quite far from the TV.


7. Invest in a compatible DVR for your antenna

With all the fantastic shows that you can watch on your digital TV as well as all the uninterrupted live shows, you just may want to play back some scenes or pause the show at certain times to ensure your full enjoyment. You can do all these things with a DVR, so have one setup right away.


As mentioned earlier, a TV is still a favourite entertainment source for many. Therefore, if you also consider it so, take into account the various ways you can enhance its functional performance.

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