Plug Your HDTV with the Latest Streamers of 2018

Get the best streaming device to enhance your TV viewing experience. Compare the high-performance and quality-rich streamer from Roku, Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Today, people of all over the world have already cut their cord and escaped from the cable company. All of them want some reliable and feature-rich device where they can quench their thirst for watching movies, TV shows, videos, and playing video-games. With the advancement of technology, there are some latest gadgets launched in the marketplace, which enables you to watch the online content directly to your Television set with the help of the internet such as Roku Streaming Stick +, Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

As there are a plethora of options available in front of us so figuring out which device is best for you is a real pain. But, fear not! In this blog, we will discuss some of the best 4k HDR streaming devices which will lessen your worries for sure.

Roku Streaming Stick +

Attaining the 9.2 ratings in the marketplace, this device has achieved the rank #1. On May 2018, this device has modified its Private Listening feature and with the help this functionality, now, the multiple people can listen to the same content by plugging the headphones on the remote control.  With the cost of $70, Roku Streaming Stick+ enables you to watch more than 5,000 channels. Additionally, its features like a light-weighted, small, and wireless amplifier for better signals makes this device more noteworthy.


Apple TV 4K

With the overall rating of 8.7, this streaming player is selected as the best high-end 4K HDR streamer. If you have used the Apple TV 4K before then you had surely enjoyed watching iTunes movies and videos your TV screen. But, with Apple TV 4K you can access more than hundreds of online channels, play numerous video games, and even control your smart home appliance through your voice by using Siri-enabled remote control. You can buy this streaming device by paying a small amount of $179.


Roku Streaming Stick

This streaming player is simply best if you do not want 4K or HDR video. If your only concern is watching a plethora of channels on your old TV then it is wise to plug your TV with this streamer. Roku Streaming Stick is designed in an ultra-compact model which you can place even behind your TV set. You can buy this device with $39 and its overall rating is 8.4.


Amazon Fire TV

This is a best-budgeted streamer that comes with “Alexa” voice remote control. If you want to control your Television Set with your voice then this device is perfect for you. But, the Alexa functionality is only good for watching Amazon videos and for buying videos from Amazon store. If you are Amazon Prime Member then you can access prime video where you can watch unlimited movies, TV shows, and videos. This is the only streaming device in the market which comes under $40 and that too with a remote control.

If you are planning to buy the streaming player to enjoy latest movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos then these streamers are perfect for you. Just select the one as per your requirement and budget and enjoy watching your favorite apps on your big screen.

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