What Does the Future Have in Store for Digital Camera Technology?

Digital camera technology has been evolving for years. New camera features keep changing the trends in photography every year. What can we expect from digital camera technology more this year and in future? Let’s find out in this post.

We have compiled the most trending camera technologies for your right on this page. Have a look:

Shooting pictures in dark will be possible.

It is possible to take pictures in dark but only with a special kind of night vision camera. The good news is Canon will be launching a digital camera with ISO of 4 M. Do you know what would that mean? The device will be able to view things in the dark. When we see the sky, we find more than one color. This happens especially around sunrise and sunset. With this type of camera, you will be able to capture amazing pictures of the sky even in the dark. The camera would initially cost $35000 which isn’t affordable for most people but let’s hope as this tech gets old soon cheaper models will be released as well.

Shutter buttons will be eliminated.

You must be thinking if there will be no shutter buttons how are we going to snap pictures? Well, the digital camera market is soon going to offer cameras which will have eye and biometric detection. You will be able to capture an image just by blinking your eye or instructing the camera with voice commands. With this new technology, you won’t need to hold your camera for longer period of time to shoot images. Simply, a set up on tripod will be enough for you to shoot with these amazing sensors.

Auto Photo Tagging will provide Meta tags to your photos.

That’s one of my favorite future camera advancements. Hopefully, soon we are going to have cameras that will save the time and efforts we spend on adding tags on photos while uploading them on social media. This wonderful camera technology will assign Meta tags for location, names, faces of friend and family while you are snapping a photo. This will be so helpful for maintaining catalogs, picture albums, portfolios and documentaries.

Scento-graphy will be introduced.

This will be so extraordinary and surprising for each one of us. The world of photography will completely change with the arrival of scentography. This camera technology will add smells to our photos. When we will be capturing an image of a hot chocolate treat we won’t only be capturing its image we will also capture its smell in the photo being clicked. Isn’t that awesome? A prototype for this camera tech is under development. This camera is being called Madeleine and we can expect it to be released at one point in the camera market. Right now it’s quite big and connected with tubes and funnels in a laboratory. It is going to be an invention by Amy Radcliffe from University of the Arts in London.

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