15 Best Travel Accessories and Gadgets for Your Next Vacation

Like the quote that you haven’t learned unless you have travelled, travelling is not only fun but also teaches you all about life. It takes you out of your comfort zone and let you discover yourself. However, Travelling can be exciting and adventurous or boring and dull depending on the preparation you have made. It all depends on the products you have in your hand and on using them.

Any person who travels often would have gone through a list of things that are most important while travelling. While some can be useful, some are totally not worth it. It’s always best if you make your own list of thing you need and stick to that.

There are several products that can make your travelling hundred times easier and fun. They not only help you be organized but further provides comfort too. Here are few products that can help you survive in the trickiest of situations.

1.      A Duffel Pack

A duffel bag with enough space can help you carry most of the important things in your hand. You can avoid the strict limitation at luggage counters and have the right bag with you. One of the best duffel bags produced by Aer has designed bags for travel enthusiasts where they can carry their everyday technology gadgets, shoes, documents and even some amount of clothing. The thick and non-wearing nylon prevents breakage and works as a perfect fit on.


2.      Document organizer

If you are travelling to a different country, its quite essential you carry the necessary documents such as passport, identity cards and even health cards. Rather than keeping it in various zips, you can organize them in a document holder and keep it in your backpack. They not only save your time but also helps you in the safety of it. An organizer can be bought online at a cheap rate.


3.      Travel Adapter

We live in an era where everything is digitalized. It is due to this reason that you need to have power backup for your technological devices. A good travel adapter with international pin can help you out in such cases. Skross makes the best travel adapters ever. They come in a small size and also the pin of the adapter helping protecting the person from electric shocks.


4.      Tablet Holder

If you are carrying technological devices like tablets, its important you carry a tablet holder too so as to avoid any mishaps. The tablet holder by complement ltd is one of the best as it can be adjusted according to the tablet type and is compatible. It comes in four colors and is one of the most useful items.


5.      Flask Light

Don’t be surprised at the name for it is true. This multifunctional tool is not just a flask to sip your favourite coffee or flash a powerful led beam at dark. In addition to these it also contains two cups, an opener and a compass. Especially designed for all those adventure enthusiasts out there who can get lost, this is one of the most useful gadget.


6.      Compact Pillow

In cases of long flights or drives, sleeping can be a real issue. Often the traveler can be sleep deprived due to time change and even the changing comfortabilities. One of the main reason for sleep deprivation is the lack of a proper pillow. This is why we suggest you to carry a compactable pillow such as the one from morph or trtl. The pillows forms morph comes in round shape which can fit behind your head perfectly. Trtl pillows just require their clients to tie the mask around their neck and get some sleep. The neck pillow that resembles a towel has brace system to control your head thus reducing the cause of neck pain.


7.      Eye Masks

Eye masks can be a real savior when you want to catch some sleep and the place is filled with light. One of the main things to note while purchasing a eye mask is that it fits your face properly and also is thick so that light doesn’t seam through. Often ear plugs come along with eye masks and this too can be used if you want to cut off the background sound.


8.      Travel vacuum

A travel vacuum contains pressure detecting sensor which helps it to automatically remove the air in your luggage by pumping it out and condensing your clothes. This device is available with VAGO and is a must among travel gadgets so as to save more space.


9.      Water Purifier Bottle

It is not necessary that you get clean water for drinking while travelling. Most of the travelers who travel abroad fall sick due to water contamination. This is where the purifier bottle from Camel/bak all clear comes to the scenario. The bottle is equipped with lithium batteries which help in killing the germs.


10.   Digital Camera

If you love photography, then carrying a digital camera with you is essential to capture all those moments of beauty. Even though smartphones come out with the best quality camera, none can match the standards of a dslr. You get compact and light camera’s that can help you during your journey from Nikon and Canon.


11.   Watch

Watches are stylish and helpful too when it comes to travelling. Watches designed for outdoor purpose come with gps and tracking capabilities. In addition to that most of them will be light weight and waterproof. These can help you whether you are lost or in extreme weather conditions.


12.   Travel bottles

Rather than carrying a huge bottle of your shampoos and conditioners, it’s better if you carry small leak free travel bottles. They not only help you in saving space but can be used for your next journey too.


13.   Padlocks

Carrying padlocks with you can provide an extra safety for your luggage’s when you want to leave them at a check in or baggage counter and go somewhere. They not only assure you your things are safe but help you to leave wherever you find it convenient.


14.   Female Urination Device

This device is specifically designed to all those woman who loves to travel but often have to hold back due to sanitary issues. Travelling can be tiring when you are forced to use unsanitary bathrooms and dirty public toilets. They increase the risk of infection. With go girl, most of these problems are solved as you can pee by standing.  Made with medical silicone these are small enough to fit your bag.


15.   Jacket

The climatic conditions of a place is never predictable. It might be sunny today and rainy the next day. And that is why it is a must to carry a jacket suitable for all weather conditions. If it contains water resistant pockets and warmers, you are all set to go.

 The list of things to carry while travelling can be endless and it changes from person to person. What is important is that you identify your needs and pack things according to that so as to consume as less space as you can. Make sure of your safety and health too while travelling as it can be tough to fall sick during a trip. So pack your bags and get ready to conquer the world.


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