Clash for Speed the Best Combat Racing Game

Being an action lover, I am always hungry for the movies and games based on combat action. After watching death race, I was looking for a game in which I can design my own track and can enjoy combat racing on my track with my rules and after waiting for a long time my search ended on Clash for speed which is developed by Tweaking technologies. This game delighted the gamer inside me and gave me a chance to take out my creativity. It is must try game for all the racing and action combat lovers let us find out what you will get in this game and how it is different for the other racing games available on the Play store.


Download and installation:

You can get this amazing game form the given link for free.

Get Here

Once you are done with download and installation you can get into action after allowing some permissions.

Home screen:

After a quick guide to the game you will be on the home screen of the game. Where you will get many options along with a track Map from here you can choose to build the track or if you want to get into the action straight away then you can start a quick race or can click on Clash.



On the store option you can buy credits to make your vehicle more powerful. In the Garage Option you can load your vehicle with powerful weapons and boosters. You can also change the paint and can select an entirely different vehicle. It totally depends on the credits in your account which you can ern by racing every time.



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Track builder:

Awake the engineer inside you with the track builder you can create your own track and can put obstacles yourself. So, which is completely your track your rules theory. You can choose a template and then put traps obstacles and weapons on the track. After designing the track, you can practice on it and by taping on continue you can finalize the track. With better creativity you can enhance the level of difficulty for yourself and then it will be fun playing the game.



Racing and handling:

The real fun begins when it comes to handling and the real racing. Now you can rule your own track and your car will equipped with the NOS boosters and weapons you can simply crush your competitors on the way with your heavy-duty car and the weapons. Vehicle accelerate at its own you will only get a paddle to apply brakes. On the racing screen you will be able to see the position of your competitors. Which helps you to get alert when you reach near them.



Game controllers:

Game controllers are user friendly in the beginning you can choose either you want to turn the car by tilting the phone or by taping on right or left. In the middle you will have a paddle to apply brakes, left hand side pane will be loaded with speed boosters and on the right-hand side you will find your weapons. On the top left corner there is a pause button which helps you to pause the game at any point.



This is how you can race with a bang and can crush all your competitors. Keep racing to unlock new cars and become more powerful combat racer with powerful weapons and accessories. It is the best 3D car racing combat game. If you are a gamer you must try it once. Cursing other cars on the track really make you feel like the king of your track.


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