5 Types of Displays For Your Corporate Video Wall

A video wall comprises of television sets, computer monitors and video projectors, which are overlapped to form a large screen. Reasons for installing the wall range from welcoming visitors and customers, providing useful information about the company to providing entertainment to customers in a queue.

Different types of display can be used where each has its purpose; a common goal, however, is to ensure that the right message is displayed on the screen.

A list of 5 types of display for your corporate video wall is:

Flat panel HD

This is a basic screen with a higher end on its functions. It is mainly used for presentations, displaying important information in lobbies and hallways as well as video conferencing. They can range from 20 to 90 inches diagonally according to the manufacturer.



Curved screen

It involves a slightly curved screen on the inside which as a result produces an interesting viewing experience. Its main aim is to grab attention of the viewer since it gives an in-depth imagery which wraps around viewer’s visualization. This type of display can be used for presentations but brings about difficulties in a case of multiple images on the screen. It is, therefore, best left in the lobby to give a great first impression of your company.


Multiple screen systems

A number of screens, in this case, can be programmed together in a single system, for example, four of them and work collectively to produce similar image. It gives room for resolutions to be expanded to higher standards. A limit of the number of screens that you can choose to attach to the system does not apply. You could create a large display for lobby spaces or for use in presentations.




Touchscreen capabilities are not left behind in the display world and can be a feature to consider for your video wall. They play a big role to ensure work is properly arranged especially for use in presentation. In addition, it enhances that you bring out what you need when you need it while organizing or adding any other information where internet connection is available. Though an easy and fun way of doing a presentation, it comes at an extra cost. In some cases, it can be left in the lobby for your visitors to interact.


Tilted screen

This is a better design which comprises of individual screens being linked together as building blocks to create a screen display. The tiles can be built out with neither a typical shape nor pattern but give the desired impression. The tiles are dear thus fit well in the lobby where your goal is to impress your customers and visitors.

Have you been on a hunt for a display for your video wall? These 5 types of display for your corporate video wall give an excellent choice. The choice entirely depends on you as you consider space available, the purpose of the display and how much you are willing to spend. Clearly, both tilted and touchscreen displays would dig into your pockets while the rest may be cheaper to install. You may also consider using DAKboard to create the best display.


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