7 Latest Racing Games of 2018 and Beyond

Car racing game lovers have a lot to enjoy this year as many big game developers have launched their new game variants or upgraded the previous ones. While the list is long, here we have discussed 7 latest car racing games of 2018 you should enjoy.

Clash for Speed

Clash for Speed offers amazing combat car racing experience with abundant useful features. Here, you find numerous car options, deadly weapons, amazing environment and more to enhance your gaming experience. One of its unique features allows you to design your own 3D track to race. You can design this track in multi-thousand combinations with different difficulty levels. To make your track complexed you can add on-road obstacles and set off-road traps to make it hard for the opponent to win. Complex tracks will help you earn more trophies that you can use to unlock other levels & features of the game.


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Formula Car Racing 3D

Formula Car Racing 3D brings formula car racing adventure to your mobile. It allows you to select your favorite car and customize it with unique features. During the game, you can perform a lot of stunts and easily control your car with easy commands. Here, the directional map will display all necessary information on your screen to navigate and guide you through the race. As you level up in the game, you will find new tracks with two laps each. In other features, it offers offline mode, high-quality 3D graphics, 4 different tracks, 2 laps in each track, multiple car options and more.


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Crazy Racing Car 3D

This powerful game offers the most thrilling gaming experience with asphalt drift, nitrogen trigger and speed racing features. During the game, you can compete against your friends & players around the world. This lightweight game supports LAN multiplayer racing, real-time epic drift stunts, driving on asphalt roads and more to help you climb instantly on leaderboards. It allows you to customize your car with options like paint & color stickers and turbocharged engines. Here, you can drive through different tracks and show numerous stunts to become highest glory speed racer. In other features, it offers multiple car racing options, car customization, stunning visual effects, easy controls and more.


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Racing In Car 3D

While driving through traffic on the expressway, you need to escape from high-speed cars & other vehicles. It this endless racing game, you need to race through busy traffic on asphalt tracks to experience the amazing environment. Further, you are also required to ditch the police hunt as they will be behind you in a high-speed chase. It offers numerous car options and allows you to customize & tune up your vehicle. It offers a rich road environment and realistic graphics for the enhanced gaming experience. In other features, it offers realistic game scenes, fast supercar options, amazing music & sound effects, exciting visual effects and more.


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Free Race

Free Race offers you drive you through 4 different racing modes in a 3D realistic environment. This fast car racing game could only be won by not hitting the other cars and completing the challenges in the game. It offers high-quality graphics and easy controls to make your game fun. To enhance your gaming experience, it offers a lot of traffic modes and amazing sound effects. It offers 4 different game modes including one way, two-way, time attack & speed bomb. Additionally, it offers 3 amazing environments including city, snow mode and dead land. In other features, it offers 10 awesome car options, car upgrade options, multiplayer options, offline mode, score sharing and more.


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Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing offers professional oval track racing experience with amazing racing action. Here, you need to select your favorite stock car and need to race through 5 different speedways. It offers various race modes including multiplayer, ladder, regulation, endurance, hot lap and practice. This amazing car racing game offers extreme racing cars to select from. Here, you will find cars from the 1970s to ultra-modern cars. In other features, it offers online multiplayer racing, multiple tracks, real crash physics, car upgrade options, customization options, realistic simulation, rubber-banding assist, earn in-game cash and more.


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Real Need for Racing Speed Car

You can join millions of other players around the world to experience extreme racing and car racing thrill. It offers 4 amazing race tracks, 5 different car options with different racing models, different driving models, leaderboards and more. During the game, you will experience realistic drift car racing where you can perform different stunts and tricks. Here, you need to chase your opponents on asphalt tracks in high-speed cars. It further offers car customization features, amazing visual graphics and physics engine for the enhanced gaming experience.


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The best part about car racing games is that they bring you an adrenaline rush and adventure right into your device. Playing these amazing games, you experience extreme racing adventure in addition to shooting experience in combat car racing games. Here, we have discussed some of these games in detail. If you know more such games, feel free to comment below.

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