Some of the Best Announcements made by Google I/O in the year 2018

Google will stand in the first row in introducing lot many new products into the markets. As like every year, Google I/O 2018 is one of the most awaited moment for the tech lovers, and the Google I/O 2018 met the expectations with its amazing announcements. Following are some of the top announcements, which for sure surprise the users.

Google Assistance

Google Assistance is one of the most revolutionizing features. The most notable inclusion in this feature is the enhanced conversational capabilities and new voice option. Apart from this attractive inclusion, this feature also has various new enhancements like choice of accent (Indian or British or Canadian), Better Compatibility, three smart displays, custom routines, additional features more a better conversations, the user can get assistance from navigation in Google maps, availability of six latest voices, the user can have continued conversation, it is now able to process complex queries too i.e., if the user is asking multiple queries at a time, it is able to answer, and the assistance is made more visual, the user can create his or her own routine using Google assistance.

Also, the Google assistance is also featured with a new technology called Google Duplex, which helps in phone calls.


Better Google Lens

‘Do More with What you see’, said Sundar Pichai. This is with regard to the better enhancements of Google lens. The amazing features which are enhanced are Smart text selection, all thanks to the machine learning, which has made it possible that the Google lens is now able to understand the meaning and context of the text, and one more feature is that Google lens works on real-time now and the one more enhanced Style match options, with the help of which the user can find the similar objects being recognized.


Google Maps

Google maps is not new, but it has be enhanced with plenty of new features. Among those new features, the most amazing one is the introduction of augmented reality feature into the Google maps, also the next best thing is that the user can soon avail the option of having real time view of the street.  With the help of this real time view of the street, the user can have view the route via a camera view.

The various other features which are packed with the new Google maps are ‘FOR YOU’, an customized view for various trending places, better recommendations on the Google maps using machine learning and data, Re-designed tabs for better exploration, option to create shareable shortlists.


Linux App Support

Now, chrome OS can even support Linux app, which makes it possible to execute the various Linux commands. But, the user need to know that this Linux app is not an inbuilt app, but the user need to explicit the service.

Also, if the user wants to have a look at the preview of this Linux, then it is made available on Piexelbook. Soon, Google will make this service available on more devices. It is well known for functionality, security, simplicity and speediness, but Google needs so more time for making still better.


Google Photos

The Google photos apps is now made available for iOS, Android, and web. The best feature is that storing, setting and sharing the photos in now made more easier, smarter, and faster. It is empowered with machine learning along with Al. the various other features which are included in the new Google photos are ‘Like’ option for videos and photos, better adjustment options, enhance color pop feature, better options for categorizing and organizing, option to make a photo book, more fixes and suggested actions using Al, option to add colors to the existing photos, better photo quality, option of converting images of documents into a PDF files, better editing options for photos and videos.


Android P

Google is coming up with the best of the best Operating system, and the latest of it is the Android P. it the nine version of the operating system introduced by Google. The best feature which is included in this Android P is the Machine Learning. The various best features which are going to be seen on this Android P are Gesture navigation,  feature called slices for a deeper insight, better volume controls, adaptive battery, better screenshot editing option,  Better ‘Do no disturb’ option, Better security options,  An amazing ‘App Action’ which will help the your to get their tasks by predicting what they want, new dashboard, Wind Down option, which allows the screen to fade down to switch on the ‘do not disturb’ option.


Smart Compose option in Gmail

Mail drafting is one of the most commonly done activity over Google and this has been made more smart now using Smart Compose. The best features of Smart Compose include, reduced spelling and grammatical mistakes, helps in typing repetitive words, suggests suitable contextual phrases.


Google News App with enhanced features

The latest Machine learning and Artificial intelligence have been imparted in Google News, which is making it amazing. The important features include, ‘For You’ option for customized news, refined and raw news, Full coverage, Newscasts, Newsstand, enhanced presentation with better images and videos from YouTube, Better control options.


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