Accessories for HTC Vive

Many people out there who own HTC Vive find themselves upgrading their virtual reality gameplay sessions with a range of accessories. Quite sure you would love to upgrade yours too in order to experience the best virtual reality.

Currently, the Vive family is known to provide the best VR experience accessories that are relatively cheap and affordable by any HTC Vive owner. You well know that getting the device is just but one part of the deal.

You, therefore, need to upgrade your HTC Vive with the best and effective accessories. These accessories are believed to take your VR experience to a higher and better level. Here are a number of accessories through which you can use to upgrade your VR.

  • Wooden HTC Vive Stand

Basically, this is a well-crafted wooden solution that matches your chaise lounge. It serves best the HMD, a gadget right at the front of your VR entertainment. It holds up the gadget firmly to prevent someone from knocking it down or even drinking from it.

The stand not only holds your precious headset but also the controllers. You can choose from which kind of wood you want your stand made of. This will cost you around £73.19 GBP shipping cost excluded.

  • The Vive Tracker

This is said to be an external sensor for the HTC Vive. It can be tracked within a given range through the tracker can be mounted to a huge range of objects for use in VR. Through that, it will essentially transform any object into a VR accessory.

This makes it trackable via a single universal device. The customers can also get to check the track straps which cost about $40 and its role is to attach the trackers to anything thus gripping it effectively.

  • HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap



People are sensitive to the kind of audio that fits best their taste and probably this drives you to have the best headset. The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap is one of the major accessories that came first from HTC.

It provides an effective heads trap and audio solution. It majorly compliments the fabric straps that are included in the box on the purchase. It offers a hard-sided head mount and improved cable management. It makes the audio as integrated as it can get.

It is relatively cheap and in case you are interested, you can fully access it on Amazon at just $99.99.

  • TPCast Wireless Adapter

The VR is commonly tethered to a computer that means you will have to connect some cables to work it out around your environment. The TPCast turns the HTC Vive into a wireless unit.

It creates a cable-free connection between your PC and your Vive. It has an effective battery that can hold up to 2 hours on a full charge. This helps you to experience a better hold to your VR since you can use it unattached to a given distance.

  • HTC Nose Rest

Basically, this is a rubber nose gasket that is said to provide comfort on your VR but its main purpose is to block out the light. It protects your VR from any light that happens to disrupt your time.

There are two sizes of its kind. There is the larger nose reset and the smaller. You can choose between the two. The one that will serve you best in your VR. This will cost you as little as $12.99

  • HTC Vive prescription lens inserts

People happen to be different. In case you don’t have a perfect vision then you can install these prescription lenses as an additional accessory. They are custom lenses that can be attached on top of the stock lenses shipped alongside the headset.

VR lens lab creates lenses to order based on your prescription. It comes along with blue light filter used to remove the blue light from the outputted image.

  • VR Cover HTC Vive Face Foam Replacement



This is one part of your VR that your body will be in contact most of the time. Literally, wear and tear are commonly experienced in this area of the device. This means that there will be a need for replacement.

They also offer a better field of view, improved comfort, and easier cleaning.

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