How to do Mobile App Optimization

Coming to word optimization means uniqueness, here also it implies same meaning, launching a mobile app with no marketing leads failure to the success of developed app we have to do marketing of developed app, we can do marketing through the following ways: –

  1. Advertising.
  2. Online advertising.
  3. Social media publicity.
  4. Word of mouth, etc.
  5. Optimization is similar to search engine optimization (SEO).

For doing marketing first we have to choose keywords which show their meaning related to our app also you can take help of various tools which are helpful in keyword searching. You can also take help from for searching keyword.

The description of the app should contain related tags and script should be important and have enough potential for convincing users. Coming to reviews, reviews play an important role in the optimization of the app, reviews can be bad or good if it is bad, then also don’t delete it will create goodwill among the users.


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As a businessman you have to know that every businessmen use some tricks for attracting users from different end they use coupons, notifications, invitation, incentives to encourage app use, it will help to improve the ranking of the app on the app store. This all methods work when you come at the macro level, but if you are at micro level you have to do ASO (App search optimization). Now the question arise how to do app optimization. It is helpful in getting traffic in your app from outside for ease of getting famous once, you will get famous so definitely you will get a large amount of traffic in your app you can take an example of what Sapp it is also one of the apps which get famous now they don’t need to do ASO they just provide an updated version of their app and earn money.

ASO is same as SEO, SEO is search engine optimization technique which provides you increase in ranking speed of your website. ASO is also the same. Whenever use or client search for something in the search bar of any search engine it will provide you data related to search results as needed according to the current database.

If we do right SEO it will helpful for making top position in the Google database. Similarly, if we do right ASO it will help in developing right and topmost position in Google play store or android play store.

The average number of searching applications are downloaded through application stores. This clearly accentuates that an app store is a great app based marketplace to make the application get searched and installed. Hence, there is a requirement to adopt an approach like ASO. There are many tools available in the market for application store optimization tools. At present, there are various ASO tools available, they are as follows: –

  1. MetricsCat.
  2. SearchMan.
  3. AppAnnie.
  4. SensorTower.
  5. Appstatics.
  6. Appnique.
  7. Mopap.
  8. Apptweak.
  9. Eyso.

According to the current analysis of market and studies, it is evaluated every day 1000 apps are released. For doing ASO we prefer your name of the different apps present in the market, but it is best to search for companies which are providing a good guideline and good result of ASO by their team For ASO you can also search for mobile app development companies which provide all applications related solution.


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