How will the industry evolve?
What are the major trends to emerge next year?

These are, perhaps, the two hottest questions in digital advertising in 2018 and as usual once 4th quarter of the year is upon us we start to look at what is on the horizon in the industry in 2019, and with the global statistics pointing toward an explosion we look at what will be the driving forces behind the advertising landscape.

It is fair to say that if retail store customers have a positive experience with technology installed in the store’s location, it is more likely it will make them return and recommend the brand in the future.

It is also fair to say that the e-commerce sector has certainly taken its place at the table when it comes to commerce and has taken a lot of local retailer’s market share.

Let us not overlook what got them to the table in the first place – online and digital tools. The digital signage scene is now benefitting from all the optimization and innovations it has taken to bring the e-commerce world to where it currently is visually. Now bigger chains are seeing the correlation between the benefits that can be had when adding these tools to a physical space to engage the shopper.

Alibaba, who are the world biggest retailer, is moving towards AI in an attempt to further its fashion interest. Trend Watching recently conducted a study and concluded that the future of retail lies with more sophisticated marketing, defining it as ‘Deep retail’. It uses more advanced and refined technologies such as a-commerce and e-commerce among others.

Here are seven main digital signage trends that will shape the sector throughout 2019, we wait to see where it will take the industry but it’s actioned packed.




Artificial Intelligence

AI is now finding its way into stores and presents the ideal platform for digital signage. The ability to analyze real-time customer data will be paramount while also respecting privacy. The analytics behind this will be major step forward for a retailer who can profile consumer behavior, provides the opportunity to optimize the information on the product offering that automatically changes depending on the specific data.

This will be paramount for gadget technologies such as cameras, Wi-Fi, and apps that are all reliant on AI Solutions. Currently in testing are solutions that offer content based upon what would be of most interest due to real-time data processing.

Even though AI is a universally recognized language and a global transformative technology, it has until now been somewhat limited in online video and it’s usage across the digital ad industry.

Though most in the industry are optimistic about there being wider adoption of AI in the digital ad sector in 2019 areas such as AI based fraud detection systems using cutting-edge AI-based solutions should be a vibrant area.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are becoming more and more popular with businesses as they also help with employee time management as they are now able to take care of repetitive tasks that have been proven to be the undoing of individual employees.

Engagement and Interaction are still a vital part of the shopping experience even if they perceived as a character or game.

The average virtual assistant should be communicative. Interacting with customers through digital signage to point them towards the products range they have come for, informing them of discounts, special offers, and events.


Continuing on this as a theme, understanding that each customer is different and likes to shop at their own pace is essential, different tastes and expectations pass through the door with every customer.

Technology like ‘Lift and Learn’ solutions are entering into the marketplace where the computer will inform you of the product specifications when you touch the product. It is basic interactive technology that gives information related to the customer on a digital screen. If the equipment is installed correctly the information will be released as the product is simply touched, not needing to be lifted using display but also audio and other tools.

M-commerce and the Omnichannel Model

An omnichannel approach to customers’ expectations is the way forward for 2019. A model that can bring offline and online worlds into one and streamlining the purchasing process at the same time is what we are looking for, and smartphones are the vehicle to deliver on. This is why you may have heard the buzzword around digital signage in 2018 being ‘m-commerce’ ‘mobile-commerce.’

Getting a mobile engagement tool to offer products through people’s smartphones when they are in-store will be a prominent feature in 2019, the technology will use in-store beacons as a customer approaches an item the information relays on the screen leading to further interaction to buy.




Moving Towards A-commerce

A crucial step to be taken within the following 12-months in digital signage is ‘automatic commerce’, or ‘a-commerce.’

Stores are becoming accustomed to customers demanding technology, personalization, and empowerment.

Automatic commerce is a unique system involving customers being able to choose an item in the store and receive an automated payment system that does not include queuing or even in many cases do not need to carry the goods home; they are simply delivered to the physical address. They can scan an item using their smartphone, with the receipt and warranties being sent by email, the same process as buying online but with a shopping experience.

Advertising Platform: Video

Every year it has proven to be the most engaging form of communication helping to boost conversion rates as it accelerates the buyer’s journey. The video will more than likely still be atop the tree as the most powerful advertising medium in 2019.

We forecast spending on digital video to increase steadily throughout the year, more than likely to eat up at least 50 per cent of the budget next year, with social and mobile video ads being the top choice.

Advertising Format: Connected TV Ads

Recent feedback indicates that TV ad Spending has been slipping from its perch as the breadwinner when it comes to budget and would most likely continue this downward trend.

However, on the contrary, with an increase in the number of cord-cutters that were tracked in 2017-2018 many in the digital signage industry predict big things for connected TV advertising for the future. With CTT and OTT advertising being hot right now whereby we could well see a rise in CTV advertising next year.



What we see in 2019 is the morphing of e-commerce with m-commerce bringing a different dynamic to the shopping experience and expect to see great strides made by the industry in moving the physical shopping scene to a-commerce, we have already seen signs that it has begun.


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