The Hidden Costs of Starting a Blogging Business

Your blogging business can easily launch you on the path to success, but everyone saying that starting a blog or a blogging business is free might be misrepresenting the facts just a little. While starting a WordPress blog for your own personal use is free, creating a proper business requires resources no matter the platform.

While blogging businesses can vary greatly in style and income generation methods, we want to tell you about some of the common things to budget for should you create your business soon. We’re hoping the following information can help you avoid pitfalls and start off on the right foot!

A Great Deal of Your Time

Your time is valuable. Exactly how valuable is a determination you will have to make, but the fact remains that you will be spending dozens of hours setting up your business, and likely hundreds after that maintaining it and helping it grow. These are hours you could be spending on other enterprises that could be more fulfilling or profitable.

We don’t mean to scare you away from seeing through your vision here, but we do want you to weigh your options and value yourself and your time so that you either bring in professional help as needed, change the strategy you plan on, or adjust the scale of your blogging business as needed to fit your realistic needs and goals.

Web Hosting and Related Costs

You have probably already thought about this to some degrees, but web hosting costs add up over time and you will also likely need to pay for things such as the domain name, related security software, and perhaps templates and other plugins to create the best user experience possible for your readers. None of these are exorbitant costs, but after a few months, you might find that it all adds up to several hundred dollars.

In many cases, you will likely want to pay for these services as they’ll save you a great deal of the aforementioned valuable time in both the short and long run, but you should plan on these costs and research what you expect to need ahead of time. Thankfully, remember that most of these things are easily upgradable as your business develops. Just try to change things up too much so that your readers aren’t confused.

Marketing Tools and Services

If you want to take your blogging business seriously, marketing will become a must in some capacity. There are too many blogs and sites to compete with that are spending the money to make sure that their articles reach the top of the search results page.

As far as how much marketing efforts will cost, the sky is the limit depending on what you want to do. You probably don’t need to hire marketing firms that will cost you thousands of dollars, but some basic SEO help and analytics tools can go a long way for a couple hundred a month.

Alternatively, as you start out you can seek to do as much as you can on your own, studying the best methods to generate organic traffic and build a social media following. Commenting on other blogs, upgrading your content, and building emails lists are all options, just note that these will take up quite a bit of your time.

Additional Help

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Is it possible to do everything needed to run your blogging business yourself? Yes. Is it wise to do so? We find that generally isn’t the case. Whether it’s freelancer writers, design experts, or video experts, you’re likely going to want to bring in outside professionals to take your blog to the next level. You can’t be the best at everything yourself, and to complete in the blogging world you need to be able to provide an excellent all-around experience.

Also, as your blogging business grows, you will find that you will need to focus on the higher-level tasks that only you can properly do. Starting out just by yourself is fine and you should be careful about scaling upward, but growth should always be your end goal.

Research and Product Costs

To provide excellent content or product reviews, a heavy amount of research or creativity is going to be required. This isn’t always cheap and could be a hidden cost for your blogging business that you’ll need to seriously consider. Even if you’re just performing market research, that’s a commitment to consistency to stay up on the latest trends as well as a commitment to potentially put in a lot of work so that you have a

If you’re creating reviews, this will likely mean that you’ll need to buy the products and services you’re reviewing, and this can get expensive. Without experience or a great deal of research, you won’t be able to craft the very best content for your readership. Your blog might plan on reviewing products that are $500 on average. Can you afford to keep up with that?


The hidden costs of running a blog are numerous and there are likely additional expenses on top of these depending on the specifics of your blog, but we’re confident that with proper planning you can find great success with your business with hard work and some clever decision-making. We wish you the very best of luck with your future endeavor.

Are there any other costs you would like to mention? How did you manage these costs as you were starting your own blogging business? We would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below and share your knowledge with your fellow readers.

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