We give you 5 reasons to love the DJI Spark!

It has finally happened; DJI has announced their new drone, the Spark. And what more, it’s the smallest and cheapest drone so far, with the company tossing in some cool and fun gesture tricks. DJI has reinvented itself with the launch of this new drone, which has given way to a new category of drones altogether. This new drone has to offer a lot of features in an affordable price range, but there are also some kinks to figure out.

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Even so, the Spark is a decent candidate if you are one of those people who desire to own a drone, but don’t have the necessary funds or the technical skill to pilot a high-end one. DJI knows their job very well and makes some of the most amazing quadcopters, the Spark being one of them. We are getting to a point, where drones are as easy to be operated as anything else. And this gives all the more reason that you hop onto the drone bandwagon and get your hands on a DJI drone. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is your one-stop for all your drone and its accessories needs. They offer all kinds of professional or hobby or custom drones at the best of prices.

Reasons that will make you fall in love with DJI Spark:

It’s pretty safe to say that people were quite in awe to see such a small-sized drone doing such a lot, when it was launched for the first time. You can really hold the Spark in the palm of your hand, and though the camera and the gimbal are a bit downgraded than the earlier models, it’s perfect for the clientele targeted. And do remember to add a second battery to the cart when you are buying it, coz you will eventually need it. So, all in all, get your hands on the DJI spark fly more combo and you are sorted.

  • Small size: This drone is small. Very small and it weighs only 304 gram. This breaks the record of all other DJI drones, and so is quite an active participant in the competitive drone market. If you often go on vacations, and prefer to travel light, or indulge in taking selfies without serious equipment, this drone is perfect for you.
  • Camera stabilizing system: The gimbal and camera stabilizing system of this drone, is quite phenomenal and we aren’t kidding. You can say goodbye to blurry pictures, even if we are talking about one of the cheapest drones in the market. Spark boasts of the perfect system of stabilizing i.e. it has a mechanical gimbal which helps the camera to stand upright on only two axes, without a wobble in the world.
  • Flying time: When you hear about the size and battery capacity of 1.480 mAh, you might think that the flying time is not going to be up to the point. Well, you are wrong; the flying time of this drone is quite remarkable. It goes up to as much as 15 minutes airborne. This could get the competitors quite worried and the owners quite happy.
  • Controlling it: Well, you can control the Spark in any one of the following three ways. The first option is to go for the classic way, via the remote which helps you reach a distance of up to 2 km. The second way is to control it via your smartphone, but it can reach up to only 80 m horizontally and 50 m vertically. And thirdly, you can fly it via the help of flying modes and gestures.
  • The lens: Last, but not the least, let’s talk about the amazing lens of this amazing drone. While other drones of the same price range, come equipped with fisheye lens that make the pictures come out all round and kind of unnatural. This drone comes with straightened 25mm lenses. So, it’s the time to say hello to impressive films and pictures.

So, these five are some of the best highlights of the DJI Spark that will literally make the competitors and their drones look old and outdated. It’s officially time to say goodbye to cheap action cams and wobbly lens and blurry pictures, and say hello to DJI Spark.

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