10 Amazing Hidden Benefits a MacBook Inhibits

Small things often get ignored or not found easily behind all those big things. You can buy a MacBook, but you need to deal with a lot of its new and hidden features. However, if you have bought a MacBook Pro but want to know and use some of those amazing hidden features of it which might make your job simple, then here are 10 hidden features you must know.

Save your time with Preview’s Digital signature.

Many a time you take a print out of the document you want to sign in and then again scan it. That definitely takes time; however, you can use the Preview app in MacBook to put your signature without taking a print out of the document. You need to put your signature in a paper and hold it in front of the webcam so that it will capture and save your signature for your convenient use. Now you can use it anytime you want to digitally put your signature in any PDF documents.

Use space bar to get a preview of the file

You don’t have to open all those pics one by one from your tour to find the one you are looking for. You can look at the content of the file just by pressing the spacebar which will save lots of your time. It works not only on image files but on audio file, video file, pdf, words doc, font etc. Truly a time saver.

Use the Spotlight search

You can do whole lots of thing using Spotlight search and it’s truly amazing. Open the Spotlight search by pressing “Cmd + Spacebar”. You can use this to open any file or app you want just by typing their names. You can also use it as a calculator, to know weather status, flight status, currency conversion rate and many more. It’s an amazing feature to fiddle around.

Use the Dictation

You will get a built-in speech to text recognition feature in MacBook called Dictation. It’s quite easy as you need to press the “fn” key twice which will lead your microphone to pop up. Now, you can dictate whatever you want it to write. If you are done, you can press done and it will get saved in a text format. 

Take a screenshot easily

Most often you need to save the content of a page and taking a screenshot is quite an easy way instead of copying and pasting it. MacBook provides you with some cool way to take screenshot.

  • Press “Cmd + shift + 4” for capturing the dragged area and save to desktop.
  • Press “Cmd + ctrl + shift + 4” for capturing the dragged area and save to clipboard.
  • Press “Cmd + shift + 3” for capturing the entire screen.
  • Press “Cmd + ctrl + shift + 3” for capturing the entire screen and copy to clipboard.
  • Press “Cmd + shift + 4 + Space” for capturing a window and save to desktop.
  • Press “Cmd + ctrl + shift + 4 + Space” for capturing a window and save to clipboard.

Drag the selected text and make a file

It is quite a handy feature MacBook provides. You just need to drag the selected text to the desktop, and it will automatically turn it into a text file.

Summarize your text quite easily 

MacBook provides you with a cool feature to summarize a long text. To do so, you need to select the entire text, right click and select the “summarize” option. To enable the summarize option in an app, you need to click on that app, then go to “Services”, then “Services Preferences” and lastly, scroll down and check “Summary”

Use Emoji easily

To use emoji, you just need to press “ctrl+Cmd+space”.

Hide or close apps quickly

To hide or close the app, you need to scroll through your app by pressing “cmd” and ‘tab” and then press H to hide and Q to close the app.

Change volume or brightness

In quarter step increment, you can adjust your screen brightness and volume. Hold “Shift” + option and you are done.

These are some great hidden benefits in MacBook which you must use to make your work easy and interesting.

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