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Compensation Plan and Income Potential

Let’s say you purchase the elevation training package for 25 bucks, you get the training and the training is yours to sell. So you will be given a link to promote and if someone buys that same package, you will get 25$ in your bank account. 100% Commission.What is Easy 1 Up Review Make 100% of your product package you paid back with your First referral! What you want to do is work your way up, or start, to the vertex elite level. Huge chunk of change right? Let me explain. If you came in at that level, all the lower levels are UNLOCKED or comped to you. Okay so what? Hear me out. You can only make commissions on the level you are on. So if you joined at the 25$ level and someone joins under you and purchases the 100$ level, you can’t get that commission. You can only earn at the level you are on. But if you have Vertex Elite you qualify to earn on all levels. So you could see commissions of 25, 100, 250, and 500$ direct to your account. Do you see how it works? The higher level, the higher your income potential will be.

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